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List of films and videos

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The list of films and videos mostly related to Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling (ガチムチパンツレスリング) and some entries in the Wrestling Series (レスリングシリーズ). Many of these films and videos are very, very often graphic and were censored as well as edited accordingly through the Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画) website. The vast majority of the films and videos found here are ordered by upload date.

Main Characters credits[edit | edit source]

Billy Herrington - BH/BillyM/Stallion/JS
Danny Lee - DannyL/DannyD/JB
Duncan Mills - DuncanM
Anthony Capriati - AnthonyC/AntonioC
T.J. Cummings - NickS/T.J.
Steve Cassidy - SteveC
Mark Wolff - MarkW/BlakeO
Van Darkholme - VD
Brian Maxon - BrianM

Popular Non-Main Characters credits[edit | edit source]

Gregg Rockwell - GreggR
Seth Dickens - CameronS/SethD
Eric Evans - EricE
The Moat Monster - TMM/SwampC
Anthony Stone - AnthonyS
Erik Michaels - ErikM
Ron Athey - RonA
Pagan Prince - PaganP
Peter Wilder - PeterW
Rod Pupret - RodP
Blake Harper - BlakeH
Bo Garrett - BoG
Jirka Kalvoda - JirkaK/AlesH/PetrK
Dan Canuck - DanC
Steve Shannon - SteveS
Christi Lake - ChristiL
Lynn Ross - LR
Jarda Kolar - JardaK/Jarda/JiriS
Steve Grier - SteveG
Philippe Nicolas - PN
Sonny Markham - SonnyM
Sam Ashton - SamA
Ricardo Milos - RicardoM
Cody Cruze - CodyC
Daniel Freeman - DanielF
Lee Johnson - LJ
Joe Jackson - JoeJ
Andrew Addams - AA
Rainey Mason - RaineyM
Colton Ford - CF
Frank Towers - MarkS
Chi Chi LaRue - CCL
Alex Wilcox - AlexW
Tim Carlton - TimC/ToddM

Wrestling Series (レスリングシリーズ)[edit | edit source]

The tag mainly utilized for GPW-oriented films and videos in Nico Nico Douga. Its origins can be traced as back as 2007 when American Gay Wrestling was uploaded on April 26, 2007 and founded the Wrestling Series tag.

2007[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?: 8

Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3 (BH, DannyL, AnthonyC, DuncanM; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling")
    • Aniki and Kiyoshi Kazuya wrestle in the iconic basement, known as the gay palace. After defeating Aniki in a round, Kiyoshi Kazuya decides to strip Aniki of his pants, hence Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling. Aniki does the same to Kiyoshi Kazuya.
    • The second generation copy of the first bout. Regarded by many to be the introduction of Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling, which is not entirely the case. The first generation copy (which dated back to August 10, 2007 compared to the one most are familiar with: September 30, 2007) was the introduction of Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling but got deleted some time after the second copy was uploaded.
  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング—未知のエリアEdition— ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling -Unknown Area Edition-")
    • Behind the scenes footage of the first bout between Aniki and Kiyoshi Kazuya. Taken from the elusive film Billy Herrington: Unseen 1; which has never before seen footage of every single wrestling match featuring Billy Herrington.
  • Japanese: 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング(2試合目) ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling (2nd Match)")
    • The re-uploaded second bout and the uncut version of the film.
  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 2試合目—未知のエリアEdition— ("Authenthic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling 2nd Match -Unknown Area-")
    • Behind the scenes footage of the second bout between Aniki and Kamata Gosaku. Taken from the elusive film Billy Herrington: Unseen 2.
  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチトレーニング ("Authentic Gachimuchi Training")
    • The re-uploaded video introducing Inoue Cabrera to Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling. Aniki, Kiyoshi Kazuya, and Inoue Cabrera work out by bench pressing for Aniki and Kiyoshi Kazuya, and dumbbell lifting for Inoue Cabrera.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 未公開レスリング編 ("Pants Wrestlig Aniki Undisclosed Wrestling")
    • The first-beginning part of the wrestling scene for Billy Herrington vs. Danny Lee.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 ワークアウト編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Workout")
    • Lifting galore.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 サブキャラ編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Sub-Characterss")
    • While Kamata Gosaku naps, Aniki, Kiyoshi Kazuya, and Inoue Cabrera train themselves using gym equipment. He later dreams of himself and the same bodybuilders being naked, before being awakened by a phone call.
  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング SPECIAL未公開編 ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling SPECIAL Unreleased")
    • The second-final part of the wrestling scene for Billy Herrington vs. Danny Lee.
  • Japanese: ワークアウト オープニング編 ("Workout Opening")
    • The opening to the film, Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3.
  • Japanese: 【1080p】本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 兄貴vsカズヤ 完全版 前半【60fps】("【1080p】 Full-scale Gachimuchi pants wrestling Aniki vs Kazuya full version first half【60fps】")
    • The first half of Aniki and Kazuya's wrestling match in 1080p 60fps.
  • Japanese:【1080p/60fps】本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 兄貴vsカズヤ 完全版 後半 ("【1080p/60fps】Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling Aniki vs Kazuya Complete Edition Second Half")
    • The second half of Aniki and Kazuya's wrestling match in 1080p 60fps.

Lords of the Lockerroom (BH, MarkW, NickS, VD; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 3試合目 ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling 3rd Match")
    • The re-uploaded third bout. Aniki wrestles with Jonouchi Yuji after Jonouchi Yuji advises Aniki to be gentle with him, questioning why "being gentle" is related to wrestling.
  • Japanese: ガチテイ inspire.ver(修正版) ("Gachitei inspire.ver (modified version)")
    • In a semi-unrelated Touhou Thick and Saucy Fried Rice video, Ikariya Biollante was introduced just a month before TDN Kosugi, except only in still pictures. What is interesting to note is that the creator of the video was aware of the Aniki vs. Ikariya Biollante wrestling match and the use of Jonouchi Yuji's voice for Ikariya Biollante.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 おまけ編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Omake Edition")
    • The video introducing TDN Kosugi to Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling was uploaded to Nico Nico Douga on April 20, 2008. However, this video does not include the wrestling match between Ikariya Biollante and him. This is also Ikariya Biollante's moving introduction.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 ロッカー編 part1 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Locker part1")
    • Due to the release date of the initial video of TDN Kosugi making his debut, it would take at least 3 weeks before the wrestling match that comes before this: Ikariya Biollante vs. TDN Kosugi to be uploaded to Nico Nico Douga. In the actual film, this is the final wrestling match. Aniki is seen moving to the right of the camera whom sees an exhausted Ikariya Biollante who just recently defeated the leather boy.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 外伝 TDN VS ビオランテ ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Gaiden TDN vs. Biollante")
    • Ikariya Biollante wrestles with TDN Kosugi after he taunts the latter for his eccentric BSDM attire.
  • Japanese: ロッカールームの神々 オープニング編 ("Locker Room Gods Opening")
    • The opening to the film, Lords of the lockerroom.
  • Japanese:【1080p】本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング ビオランテvsTDN 完全版 前半【60fps】("【1080p】Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling Biollante vs TDN Complete Edition First Half【60fps】")
    • Improved version of Biollante and TDN Kosugi's fight.
  • Japanese:【1080p】本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 兄貴vs城之内 完全版 前半【60fps】("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling Aniki vs Jonouchi Yuji Complete Edition First Half")
    • Improved version of Aniki and Jonouchi Yuji's fight.
  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 3試合目—未知のエリアEdition— ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling 3rd Match-Unknown Area Edition-")

The Big One in California (BH; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki")
    • Deleted. (2007/09/07)
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 休日編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Holiday Edition")
    • The second uploaded video of The Big One in California shows off something special. 4 films appear as censorship.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 光る休日編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Gleaming Holiday Edition")
    • Aniki strolls naked and washes his motorcycle.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 バイク編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Bike Edition")
  • Japanese:【1080p】パンツレスリングの兄貴 バイク編【60fps】
    • This is the part of the film where Aniki rides on his motorcycle to his home and calls his friend.

Recharge! (BH; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 オシャレ編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Trendy Edition")
    • This is the film where Aniki walks through a forest around a house, bends over and takes off his pants to reveal a very muscular butt, lies down on a long green chair, relaxes, masturbates while relaxing, wears a custom-made leather costume that was seen in later films, and has that trademark grin.

Summer Trophies (BH, Rob Steele; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 休日編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Holiday Edition")
    • The second uploaded video of The Big One in California shows off something special. 4 films appear as censorship. Summer Trophies appears early on.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 ビーチ編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Beach Edition")
    • Aniki runs across the coastline of a beach while classical music plays. Aniki also stretches for a bit, poses for the camera, goes back to his his room inside of a building, undresses himself, bends over, Aniki Take Off style.

Billy Herrington's Body Shop (BH, PeterW, Spike; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 休日編 ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: Holiday Edition")
    • The second uploaded video of The Big One in California shows off something special. 4 films appear as censorship. Billy Herrington's Body Shop appears second after Summer Trophies.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 ガレージ編 ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: Garage Edition")
    • Philosophy BGM video with newcomer Femdom Mikasa.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 【GAY♂BAR】オナハウス ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: [Gay Bar] Ona-house")
    • Same video to include Ryker's Web, Recharge!, The Final Link, Playing with Fire 2, and HotMen CoolBoyz.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 ガレ―ジ編 ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: Garage Edition")
    • Billy Herrington's Body Shop, now with footage!

Tales from the Foxhole (BH, LJ, Leo Lyons, Matt Bandero, Lane Fuller; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 休日編 ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: Holiday Edition")
    • The second uploaded video of The Big One in California shows off something special. 4 films appear as censorship. Tales from the Foxhole appears third after Billy Herrington's Body Shop.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 軍曹編 ("Aniki of Pants Wrestling: Sergeant")
    • Aniki, as a drill instructor, catches two of his soldiers pleasuring themselves, and forces them into a series of humiliating punishments, including, but not limited to fellatio. The origin of the fire alarm going off from Playing with Fire 2. Two films being utilized.

The Final Link (BH, AnthonyS, BlakeH, Spike, SteveS, Jack Simmons, Mason Flynt; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 休日編 ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: Holiday Edition")
    • The second uploaded video of The Big One in California shows off something special. 4 films appear as censorship. The Final Link appears fourth after Tales from the Foxhole and is the last film shown.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 【GAY♂BAR】オナハウス ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: [Gay Bar] Ona-house")
    • Comes from footage with Billy Herrington's Body Shop, Recharge!, and The Big One in California. It is a very brief appearance.

2008[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?: 22

Playing with Fire 2 (BH, SteveC, CameronS, GreggR, BoG, AA, MarkS, AlexW, Luke Savage, Brent Banes, Michael Brandon, Rafael, Rod Stetson, John Johnson, SteveS, EricE; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ガチムチパンツレスリング 屋上編 ("Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling Rooftop Edition")
    • Aniki and Tortoise Fujioka wrestle on the roof. Before and after this scene, footage of Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3 is seen. The re-uploaded version of the video.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 シャワー編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Shower Edition")
    • The famous shower scene. The introduction of significant Characterss Terryman and Owen Sadaoka, the Dance of Sadaoka, the shower BGM, Aniki swallowing his index finger, and Aniki standing still while in the shower, alone.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 小芝居編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Small Games Edition")
    • Aniki fantasizes about another gay fantasy featuring Tortoise Fujioka, Creamstew Ikeda, Owen Sadaoka, and Michael Brandon at the fire department. Aniki can be seen making a funny face.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 説教編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Sermon Edition")
  • Japanese:【1080p】パンツレスリングの兄貴 説教編【60fps】
    • Aniki is met by his younger brother, Brother of Aniki; whom has a deep conversation with him. Meanwhile, Tortoise Fujioka and Creamstew Ikeda collide with each other. After that scene ends, the video transitions to Creamstew Ikeda informing Aniki about his brother leaving the station without any pants. This then moves the scene to Aniki preparing to workout on the rooftop with Ebihara Ebizō greeting him and discussing the trace of the Semen Arsonist's DNA.
  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 消防士編 ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling Firefighters Edition")
    • Aniki (as the chief of Fire Station 69) and his co-workers (Owen Sadaoka, Terryman, Izumi DiCaprio, Tortoise Fujioka, and Creamstew Ikeda) investigate the perpetrator of a string of recent fires. There is some apparent homophobia around Tortoise Fujioka. Martin Wannamaker's grand debut.
  • Japanese: 新日暮里消防署(消防士編) ("Shinnippori Fire Station(Firefighters Edition)")
    • The introduction of Luke Savage and Brent Banes in Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling, as well as the footage of Brother of Aniki yelling in a police car.
  • Japanese: 新日暮里消防署(消防士編)ー NGシーン ("Shinnippori Fire Station(Firefighters Edition) ー NG Scene")
    • Bloopers and behind the scenes. Not every single one, however.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 小芝居編 2 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Small Games Edition 2")
    • Firefighter fantasy. Owen Sadaoka and Michael Brandon top Tortoise Fujioka, safely. Tortoise Fujioka makes some funny expressions. After topping Tortoise Fujioka, everyone included in the fantasy masturbate and ejaculate onto Tortoise Fujioka's chest. R-18!
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝 小芝居編3 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden Small Games Edition 3")
    • The weakest scene of the film featuring Brother of Aniki, Luke Savage, and Izumi DiCaprio.

Conquered (BH, CF, BlakeH, Nino Bacci, Tom Katt; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 コロッセオ編 ("Aniki of Pants Wrestling: Colosseum")
    • Billy Herrington, wounded from battle, receives aid from Seagal Sekine.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 ~王国編~ ("Aniki of Pants Wrestling ~Kingdom~")
    • Billy acts as a servant to the Roman emperor who performs sex acts with the Roman emperor's slaves and proceeds to have anal sex with them.

Beau Bradley Beaten Back to Back (DannyL, Beau Bradley, Brawley Colt; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【衝撃】カズヤの浮気レスリング写真集 ("[Shock] Kazuya's Cheating Wrestling Photo Collection")
    • In a video that was uploaded way back in April 1, 2008, Kiyoshi Kazuya is seen in a gallery of photos. These photos include the photographs taken during the production of the film, Beau Bradley Beaten Back to Back and a few images from the production of the film, Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3.
  • Japanese: カズヤの浮気パンツレスリング Round1 ("Kazuya's Cheating Pants Wrestling Round 1")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya wrestles against Gayne Rooney, a white haired opponent with a small physique in comparison to Billy Herrington.
  • Japanese: カズヤの浮気パンツレスリング Round1-EX ("Kazuya's Cheating Pants Wrestling Round 1-EX")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya wrestles against Gayne Rooney, revamped.
  • Japanese: カズヤの浮気パンツレスリング Round2 ("Kazuya's Cheating Pants Wrestling Round 2")
    • Gayne Rooney is victim to Kiyoshi Kazuya's ruthless attacks, such as a returning move and a new move involving lockers.
  • Japanese: カズヤの浮気パンツレスリング Round3 ("Kazuya's Cheating Pants Wrestling Round 3")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya was knocked out and sent to the oil pit by Gayne Rooney.
  • Japanese: 【1080p】カズヤの浮気パンツレスリング Round1【60fps】
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya wrestles against Gayne Rooney in 1080p 60fps.

Canadian Muscle Hunk Wrestling 2 (JB, Santino; 1992)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: うほほっ!兄貴だらけのY.M.C.A. ("Uhoho! Y.M.C.A. full of big brothers")
  • Japanese: スーパーカズヤ3 ("Super Kazuya 3")
  • Japanese: 若き日のカズヤ 修行編 STAGE.1 ("Young Kazuya Training Edition STAGE.1")
  • Japanese: 若き日のカズヤ 修行編 STAGE.2 ("Young Kazuya Training Edition STAGE.2")
  • Japanese: 若き日のカズヤ 修行編 STAGE.3 ("Young Kazuya Training Edition STAGE.3")
  • Japanese: 若き日のカズヤ 共闘編 ("Young Kazuya Joint Battle Edition")
    • James Blond wrestles Santino. This is the fourth bout of the film.

Dark Pursuit (BH; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 神秘編 【微向上Ver】("Pants Wrestling Aniki: Mystery 【Slight Improvement Version】")
    • Billy Harrington flexes and poses with his muscles with backlighting and no clothes.
  • Japanese:【兄貴】ダーク♂追行 ("【Aniki】Dark♂Pursuit")
    • Billy Harrington brings you deeper and deeper into an abandoned movie theatre, where he forces you to worship his massive and muscular body.
  • Japanese:【予告編】パンツレスリングの兄貴 神秘編 ("【Trailer】 Pants Wrestling Aniki: Mystery")
    • The movie trailer taken from VHS tape.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 神秘編プレビュー ("Pants Wrestling Aniki: Mystery Preview")
    • Preview of the movie in high quality.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 神秘編 完全版 その1 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Mystery Complete Edition Part 1")
    • The full movie has finally been found. This is the first part.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 神秘編 完全版 その2 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Mystery Complete Edition Part 2")
    • The second part of the movie.

HotMen CoolBoyz (BH, RA; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ガチムチパンツレスリングの兄貴【映画編2】
    • Ron Athey talks about the S/M community, its slogan, its "dogmatic regulations", and all the while getting rubbed by a slave. Ron closes his discussion when talking of ambiguity between the used and abused while kicking the slave off of him. Billy is also shown.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 スク水編 1/2 (再)
    • Same as the above, but in much higher quality.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 スク水編 2/2 通常版

Wolff's World (MW, PN, JK, JardaK; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝 修行編 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden Training Edition")
    • Mark Wolff vs. Philippe Nicolas part 1.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝 修行編+ ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden Training Edition+")
    • Mark Wolff vs. Philippe Nicolas part 1 revamped.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝 激闘編 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden Fierce Battle Editon")
    • Mark Wolff vs. Philippe Nicolas. Someone gets put into a choke hold.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝 オイル編 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden Oil Edition")
    • Mark Wolff vs. Philippe Nicolas part 2. Mark Wolff carries Philippe Nicolas' unconscious body to the oil pit.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝 負け犬編 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden Underdog Edition")
    • The aftermath of Philippe Nicolas' defeat. The beginning of the next wrestling match.
  • Japanese:【高画質】パンツレスリング外伝 修行編 完全版 ("【High image quality】 Pants Wrestling Gaiden Training Edition Complete Edition")
    • Mark Wolff vs. Philippe Nicolas. Full wrestling match in high quality.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝2 金の章 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden 2 Gold Chapter")
    • Mark Wolff vs. Jirka Kalvoda and Jarda Kolar. 1 against 2.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝2 銀の章 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden 2 Silver Chapter")
    • Mark Wolff vs. Jirka Kalvoda and Jarda Kolar continued.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝2 餡掛の章 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden 2 Bean Jam Dressing Chapter")
    • Mark Wolff vs. Jirka Kalvoda and Jarda Kolar. 2 people get put into choke holds.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝2 チャーハンの章 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden 2 Fried Rice Chapter")
    • Mark Wolff vs. Jirka Kalvoda and Jarda Kolar part 2. Jirka Kalvoda and Jarda Kolar carry Mark Wolff's unconscious body to the oil pit.

Ryker's Web (BH, Rocky; 2003)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 【GAY♂BAR】オナハウス ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: [Gay Bar] Ona-house")
    • Billy spends his time smoking his cigars and drinking beer at a gay bar. Footage from Billy Herrington's Body Shop, Recharge!, Conquered, HotMen CoolBoyz, The Final Link, and Playing with Fire 2 is shown.

Unknown Promotional Conquered film (BH; ???)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 剣闘士 パンツレスリングの兄貴(前編) ("Gladiator Pants Wrestling Aniki (Part 1)")
    • Billy Herrington flexes his muscles in an exotic costume. Known for Billy sticking his tongue out the longest. Longer than what he did in Summer Trophies.
  • Japanese: 剣闘士 パンツレスリングの兄貴(後編) ("Gladiator Pants Wrestling Aniki (Part 2)")

Billy Herrington holds a few books and pictures of himself from when he modeled for Colt Studio Group.

Bodybuilders' Jam #22 (BH, Johnny Bravo, Cody Miller, Matt Miller; 2007)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 兄貴の最近の姿 ("Recent Appearance of Aniki")
    • Billy Herrington appears in a trailer for Bodybuilders' Jam #22.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 筋肉ショーホスト1 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Muscle Show Host 1")
    • Billy Herrington's first appearance in Jimmy Z Productions. He guest stars as the host of Bodybuilders' Jam #22. Performing over the Faultline Bar, an exclusive area in Silverlake, California.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 筋肉ショーホスト2 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Muscle Show Host 2")
    • Billy Herrington as the host continued.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 筋肉ショー舞台裏 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Muscle Show Backstage")
    • Billy Herrington as he appears backstage with the muscle men performers.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 筋肉ショーインタビュー ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Muscle Show Interview")
    • Billy Herrington's longest video interview ever. He reflects back on what he did during his time in the adult industry, including working with his co-stars, revealing how he got into making pornographic films, how he was able to get ripped, his physique prior, and prepares for performing at the Faultline. Among many topics that Billy Herrington discusses.
  • Japanese: ビリー兄貴ZX
    • Billy Herrington as the host short-length.

Bodybuilders' Jam #23 (BH, Giovanni, Tyler Lee, Luis Carlos, Zeb Atlas; 2007)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 兄貴の最近の姿2 ("Recent Appearance of Aniki 2")
    • Billy Herrington is seen wearing an officer hat. This is Billy Herrington's final film and the second time being the host of Jimmy Z Productions' Bodybuilders' Jam film series. Performing over the Faultline Bar, an exclusive area in Silverlake, California.
  • Japanese: 【ガチムチBGM】 最近の兄貴のテーマ
    • The BGM that played in the promotional video.
  • Japanese: ビリー兄貴Z
    • Billy Herrington asks if the audience wants some muscle tonight.

Junkyard Boyz (DannyL, DanielF, David DeWitt, Orlando Torres, TimC, Dino Derio, Adam Logan, Dillon Day, Thomas Papillon; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ ("Kiyoshi Kazuya")
    • In the first uploaded copy of Junkyard Boyz, Danny Lee does his seductive dance. It is the short version of the philosophical scene.
  • Japanese: スーパーカズヤ ㈲ツヨシ工業編 ("Super Kazuya: (with) Tsuyoshi Industries")
    • Danny Lee and other naked men have a water gun fight at the junkyard.
  • Japanese: スーパーカズヤ ㈲ツヨシ工業編 ②
  • Japanese: スーパーカズヤ ㈲ツヨシ工業編 ③
  • Japanese: スーパーカズヤ ("Super Kazuya")
    • Danny Lee does a seductive dance. The full version of the philosophical scene.
  • Japanese: ㈲ツヨシ工業 社員紹介 ① ("Tsuyoshi Industry Employee Introduction")
  • Japanese: ㈲ツヨシ工業 社員紹介 ②
    • Aside from working on repairing or dismantling vehicles, the workers at Junkyard Boys pose around.
  • Japanese: ㈲ツヨシ工業 社員紹介 ③
  • Japanese: ㈲ツヨシ工業 社員紹介 ④
    • Those are the videos where Hatakeyama Bacon and Yuda Lassen smile.
  • Japanese: ㈲ツヨシ工業 社員紹介⑤

House of Detention (VD, ErikM, DuncanM, JirkaK, JoeJ, JardaK; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ボンデージ・マスター オープニング編 ("Bondage Master Opening Edition)
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング ボンデージ・マスター ("Pants Wrestling Bondage Master")
    • Van Darkholme tortures the returning Kamata Gosaku and newcomer Gay Makaay in the House of Detention, from the Leather scene.
  • Japanese: ボンデージ・マスター アブダクション編 ディレクターズカット版 ("Bondage Master Abduction Edition Director's Cut Edition")
    • Van strips Kinkaku and Ginkaku and forces Kinkaku to have sex with his friend in a sling from the Sling scene.
  • Japanese: ボンデージ・マスター サランラップ編 ("Bondage Master Saran Wrap Edition")
    • Van wraps his favorite slave Puppy Boy in Saran Wrap, from the Wrap scene.
  • Japanese: ボンデージ・マスター バキューム編 ("Bondage Master Vacuum Edition")
    • The infamous Vacuum scene with Mask of Jero staring on.
  • Japanese: ボンデージ・マスター ガチ鞭編 ("Bondage Master Gachiwhip Edition")
    • Van flogs Gay Makaay and Joshua Scott while licking their anuses, from the Flog scene.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング ボンデージ・マスター 新日暮里プロレス編 Ass調整VAN ("Pants Wrestling Bondage Master Shinnippori Real Wrestling Ass Adjustment and VAN")
    • Several of Van's slaves wrestle in the White Jocks, scene.
  • Japanese: ボンデージマスター 合宿編(修正版) ("Bondage Master Training Camp Edition (Modified)")
    • Van wakes up his slaves and splashes them with buckets of water, in the Water Torture scene.
  • Japanese: ボンデージ・マスター2 完全版 ("Bondage Master 2 Full Version")
    • Van berates his slaves until they rebel and assault him in the Master scene, then strapping him to a wooden cross and ejaculating on him in the Revenge scene.
  • Japanese: ボンテージ・マスター VAN様救済編 ("Bondage Master 2 Van-sama's Relief")
    • Van gets untied following a slave rebellion by Kinkaku and jerks off. Thus ending the film.

Hearts & Minds 2: Modern Warfare (SethD; 2008)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: アメリカ製AVの戦闘シーン その1 ("Battle Scenes of the American-made AV Part 1")
    • A female soldier urinates in private. Joked as resembling Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
  • Japanese: アメリカ製AVの戦闘シーン その2 ("Battle Scenes of the American-made AV Part 2")
    • Creamstew Ikeda executes an Islamic terrorist with his handgun.
  • Japanese: アメリカ製AVの戦闘シーン その3 ("Battle Scenes of the American-made AV Part 3")
    • A suicide bomber takes a soldier with him during the shoot out.

Naked Muscle 3 (Stallion; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング兄貴 インタビュー編① ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: Interview edition")
  • Japanese:【高画質】パンツレスリング兄貴 インタビュー編① ("【High Resolution】 Pants Wrestling with Aniki: Interview edition")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング兄貴 インタビュー(滝打たれ)編② ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: Interview (Waterfall) edition")
  • Japanese:【高画質】パンツレスリング兄貴 インタビュー(滝打たれ)編② ("【High Resolution】Pants Wrestling with Aniki: Interview (Waterfall) edition")
  • Japanese: 完全版 パンツレスリングの兄貴 ワークアウト編2 ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: Complete workout edition")
    • Stallion's first video ever. He is interviewed, bathes in a waterfall and works out.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 インタビュー編3
    • Stallion sprays himself with a water hose.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング兄貴 インタビュー編 未公開シーン集1 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Interview Edition Unreleased Scene Collection 1")
    • Previously unseen behind the scenes footage with Aniki.

Mark Wolff: Rockhard (MarkW; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ビオランテ 目がビジネスマーン編 ("Biollante Eyes of a Businessman Edition")
    • Ikariya Biollante is shown as a businessman talking to an unknown colleague about a video that is getting postponed for today. He is then shown driving in his own black BMW. He gets out of his black BMW to go inside. Ikariya Biollante then dresses up in a black leather torso and crotch harness and flexes at the camera.
  • Japanese: ビオランテ 洗濯編 ("Biollante Washing Edition")
    • Ikariya Biollante takes off his business clothes, puts it into his condo's laundry room, undresses himself to become nude, sits on top of the washer, eats a ripe banana, and worships his own body.

Worship: Muscle Fantasies 1 (BillyM, AnthonyS, Thomas Lloyd; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 プライベート編 ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: Private Matters")
    • This is the video where Billy Marcus rides to a warehouse on his motorcycle and poses in a room filled with red lighting.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 ANKアーマー編 ("Pants Wrestling with Aniki: ANK Armor")
    • This is the video where Billy Marcus poses with leather attire and mask.
  • Japanese: チャベス・オバマ プライベート編(前編) ("Chavez Obama Private Edition (First Part)")
  • Japanese: チャベス・オバマ プライベート編(後編) ("Chavez Obama Private Edition (Second Part)")
    • This is the video where Chavez Obama is seen sleeping in a nice looking house before waking up to a doorbell ring. The cameraman is intended to be the viewer at this point. Chavez Obama guides the viewer around the house and eventually to Chavez Obama's personal bedroom.

Knaked Knights (TMM, AnthonyC, AnthonyS, RodP, DanC, ChristiL, SteveG, SamA, RaineyA; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: レスリングシリーズ外伝 井上カブレラ潜入編 ("Wrestling Series: Inoue Cabrera's Infiltration")
    • Four men try to escape being imprisoned and tortured in a dungeon, but they end up being naked and tortured by the castle guards with hot wax.

Caught in the Military 1 (GreggR, Drew Peters; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: レスリングシリーズサブキャラ■オーウェン定岡■ ("Wrestling Series Sub-Characters ■Owen Sadaoka■")
    • Drew Peters complains that the military is a big sex club. Owen Sadaoka deflects that argument and has sex with Drew Peters immediately afterwards.

Foot Soldiers (DuncanM, NickS, PeterW; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: レスリングシリーズ外伝 城之内悠二ハイキング編 ("Wrestling Series Gaiden Jonouchi Yuji: Hiking Edition")
    • Jonouchi Yuji goes on a hiking trip before settling down and performing sex acts with his partner.
  • Japanese: 吾作自分探し編 ("Gosaku Self-Search Edition")
    • Kamata Gosaku and Licker Yamano relax on a mountain, and Licker Yamano licks Kamata Gosaku's feet as he massages his friend's leg.

Cop Out (GreggR, PaganP, PeterW, Kurt Stefano, Blake Kennedy; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: レスリングシリーズ外伝■オーウェン定岡■新日暮里警察編■ ("Wrestling Series Side Story■Owen Sadaoka■Shinnippori Police Edition■")
    • Film including Owen Sadaoka, "Tommy", and beat partner Petite Putin. Features Tokkuri Cobra as a time traveler; briefly. Christian Cena is also seen.
  • Japanese: 【スタジオ○ブリ】 定岡ントリー・ロード♂ 【尻を済ませば】
    • Owen Sadaoka decides to watch a gay pornographic film after finishing up his call while only in his underwear. He puts on a visibly shocked expression and lays there before masturbating. After he's through with the film, he turns off the TV, the lights, and swiftly goes to bed.

Virgin No More (NickS, Spike, AA; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: レスリングシリーズ外伝 城之内悠二ゲイバー入門編 ("Wrestling Series Gaiden Jonouchi Yuji Gay Bar Introduction Edition")
    • Jonouchi Yuji builds up the courage to go into a gay bar known as HAMMER BAR. The regulars at the gay bar immediately stare the young adult down. Also of note of this video is that the language is dubbed in Spanish and not English.
  • Japanese: 海外の吹き替えホモビデオ(兄貴本編とはほぼ無関係)("Overseas dubbed homo video (almost unrelated to the main story of Aniki)")
    • Foreign dubbed film.

Maximum Performance: The Man's Guide to Penis Enlargement & Potency Techniques (AnthonyC, Mark Mason; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: レスリングシリーズサブキャラ■井上カブレラ■ ("Wrestling Series: Sub-Characters Inoue Cabrera")
    • Inoue Cabrera and Miryoku Sensei are seen eating healthy food. Inoue Cabrera can be seen drinking water, reading newspapers in the nude, eats a bowl of cut strawberries, and swallows nutrients along the way. Miryoku Sensei can be seen jogging as well.

Cowboy Wrestling 4 (CameronS, Collin Jennings; 2004)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: レスリングシリーズ外伝■くりぃむしちゅー池田■修行編■ ("Wrestling Series Gaiden■Creamstew Ikeda■Training■")
    • Creamstew Ikeda and Chuck Matsumoto wrestle each other after having a brief argument about cleaning the barn that they're in. Just prior to that, the opening for the wrestling match sounds and looks similar to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

2009[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?: 20

Feel the Power (MarkW; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ビオランテ パンツボクサー編 ("Biollante Pants Boxer Edition")
    • Ikariya Biollante is seen punching a punching bag with boxing gloves. This is the only film in which Ikariya Biollante boxes.

3 Easy Pieces (VD, PeterW; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: レスリングシリーズサブキャラ■TDNコスギ■新日暮里建設編■ ("Wrestling Series: Sub-Characters TDN Kosugi: Construction Work edition")
    • In Van Darkholme's very first gay porn film, he is seen undressing himself, but keeps his hat.

Safe Sex Is HOT Sex! (CCL)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【妖精王から】 Wrap It Up 【お願い】([From the Fairy King] Wrap It Up [Please])
    • Chi Chi LaRue instructs viewers to "wrap it up" in his announcement video that warns about HIV infections through sexual intercourse.

Kelly The Coed 13 (T.J.; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【ノン気内】今日も愉快な城之内【ロン毛内】
    • A dyed haired Jonouchi Yuji and his friend get drunk in a sorority club.

Suits to Nuts 1 (Brody, Mason; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的 スーツレスリング ("Authentic Suit Wrestling")
    • Brody parks his white BMW and enters the building. Two men are then seen discussing something and then the men in the business suits try to size up each other and then settle it in the ring while ripping off their business suits.

Secret Lives of Women - Fetishes and Fantasies (T.J., Nicki Hunter; 2008)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【悪之内】やさぐれ城之内【黒之内】
    • Jonouchi Yuji smokes a cigarette and puts it out with a lady in SM wear. Suddenly, shower BGM plays and the main scene cuts to Billy Herrington performing his Fairy Nightmare move on Jonouchi Yuji.

Prison of Pain (DuncanM, Michael Brandon; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 北米版・夏休みこども劇場 (1話目)("North American version・Summer Vacation Children's Theater (Episode 1)")
    • Kamata Gosaku reminisces of wrestling for Van Darkholme during the scene W H I T E J O C K S and is sent to another prison or detention to wrestle somebody to a loser-gets-fucked challenge.
  • Japanese: 北米版・夏休みこども劇場(2話目)("North American version・Summer Vacation Children's Theater (Episode 2)")
    • Featuring a humorous reference to Chinko Chitchai.

Latin Balls Huevos 2 (DuncanM; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 吾作vs犬 ("Gosaku vs. Dog")
    • One Christmas, Kamata Gosaku handles a fireplace and plays with a pet dog that his friend gave to him.

Mothers I Like To Fuck #3 (SethD, Druuna; 2007)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむ池田ブラザーズ ("Creamstew Ikeda Brothers")
    • A drunken Creamstew Ikeda and his friend talk about something before Palin Bayonetta talks to them both.

Tickled, Tackled & Touched (ErikM, JirkaK, JardaK, Sam Dixon, CS; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: マカーイ、大いに笑う。("Makaay laughs a lot")
    • Gay Makaay is confronted by Sam Dixon, whom was pissed at Erik, so he gets Erik tied up into a black cushion chair.
  • Japanese: ディレクター マカーイの受難 前編 ("Director Makaay's suffering Part 1")
  • Japanese: ディレクター マカーイの受難 後編 ("Director Makaay's suffering Part 2")
  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 夏の日常編  第一話 ("Creamstew Ikeda Summer Everyday Edition Episode 1")
  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 夏の日常編  第2話 ("Creamstew Ikeda Summer Everyday Edition Episode 2")
    • Creamstew Ikeda appears.

Flexing It (T.J.; 2009)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二in2009 ("Jonouchi Yuji in 2009")
    • A previously scrawny Jonouchi that was last popularly seen in the film, Lords of the Lockerroom, had his physique improve over the past 10 years. He is seen flexing his muscles for a bit to Offer Nissim and Maya Simantov's song, Hook Up. In this film appearance, T.J. Cummings is referred to as Perfect Jonouchi (パーフェクト城之内). Released on June 28, 2009 on the now defunct website.
  • Japanese: 【城之内】パーフェクトJCの生尻露出ダンス(問題シーン修正)
    • Even shorter clip of the film, but with different club music.

Hard Mechanics (CameronS, Lane Fuller, Chris Steele, Jack Radcliffe; 2003)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 自動車整備工場編 ("Creamstew Ikeda Automobile Maintenance Shop Edition")
    • The returning Lane Fuller requests to get his red truck back. He is greeted by Jack Radcliffe. Jack responds to the request and brings Chris Steele to the counter, who looks a lot like Norihiro Komada and Takakazu Abe. Lane puts away his glasses, which slows down the footage of Chris walking. Lane gets the news that his credit card was reported stolen, to which Chris threatens Lane to get him arrested unless he has money. Lane asks if the shop he's in will take checks to which Chris has on a iconic sign hanging over a wall that reads this:


  • Japanese: ツヨシ工業自動車整備工場 インタビューとNGシーン編 ("Tsuyoshi Industrial Automobile Maintenance Factory Interview and NG Scene Edition")
    • Interviews with the actors and bloopers from the film.

Max Men Strip Fantasy 1 (JirkaK, JardaK, Beau Bradley, SonnyM; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 新日暮里タウンガイド 魅惑のダンススクール編 ("Shinnippori Town Guide Enchanted Dance School Edition")
    • This is the film where Jirka Kalvoda's shirt rubbing dance meme originated. This video of the film serves as a promo of the film.
  • Japanese: 【祝♂植毛】新日暮里ダンススクール ルーニー編 ("【Celebration】 Shinnippori Dance School Gain Rooney Edition")
    • Beau Bradley's scene.
  • Japanese: 新日暮里ダンススクール 金閣編 ("Shinnippori Dance School Kinkaku Edition")
    • Jirka Kalvoda's scene with his shirt rubbing dance and good music.
  • Japanese: 新日暮里ダンススクール 銀閣編 ("Shinnippori Dance School Ginkaku Edition")
    • Jarda Kolar's scene with his black shorts and also good music.
  • Japanese: 新日暮里ダンススクール 井上シャブレラ編 ("Shinnippori Dance School Inoue Chabrera Edition")
    • Sonny Markham's scene with his incredibly good music and dance moves.

101 Rent Boys (VD; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【ボンマス外伝】 インタビュー・ウィズ・VANパイア ("[Bondage Master Side-Story] Interview with VANpire")
    • An interview filmed in a hotel in Santa Monica Boulevard, where Van Darkholme talks about his sexual work and reflects on his life. Warning: the information Van Darkholme gave may be false.

The Pharaoh's Curse (SteveC, DuncanM, Robere, BlakeH, SteveS, Jon Eric; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【パンレスサブキャラ】トータス藤岡登場シーン【古代エジプト編】 ("Pants Wrestling Sub-Characters) Tortoise Fujioka's appearance scene (Ancient Egyptian Edition)")
    • Mr. Blanchard (Steve Cassidy) acts as an angry landlord who demands Walker (Robere) to pay the rent or else he evicts him and sends him to the streets. Walker convinces Mr. Blanchard to buy an ancient item to which Blanchard believes to be a fake. Blanchard takes the ancient item with him to his house. He undresses himself before the ancient item glows and leaves Mr. Blanchard bewildered by it. After interacting with the item, he becomes immediately sex depraved and runs out of his exotic, fancy house. Mr. Blanchard goes into an alleyway, looking for penis and demands sex. After getting gangbanged by three gang members, after the possessed Mr. Blanchard lures one of the men by getting one of them to touch him, Mr. Blanchard poses for the camera before transforming into Dark Tortoise (ダーク♂トータス).
  • Japanese: フェラオの呪い編 ① ("The Pharaoh's Curse Edition 1")
    • The intro of the film. Includes the pharaoh (Jon Eric) and the peasant (Blake Harper). Set in Ancient Egypt.
  • Japanese: フェラオの呪い編 ② ("The Pharaoh's Curse Edition 2")
    • A scene that involves the Roman sergeant (Steve Shannon) and Rexus (Luke Savage). The ancient item is actually an Egyptian pharaoh sex suit. Before that, Walker is talking to Amile (Rick Chase).
  • Japanese: フェラオの呪い編 ③ ("The Pharaoh's Curse Edition 3")
    • A few scenes that involve an archaeologist (Jason Branch) and his assistant; an angry landlord, and a guy showering. The archaeologist's assistant (Duncan Mills), is seen wearing glasses and holding a candle. Then, the scene with Mr. Blanchard and Walker begins.
  • Japanese: フェラオの呪い編 ④ ("The Pharaoh's Curse Edition 4")
    • The scene with Mr. Blanchard looking for penis and eventually lures one of the gang members to touch a possessed Mr. Blanchard. Initiating the sex scene. Mr. Blanchard then transforms into Dark Tortoise. Dark Tortoise then finally meets Amile, whom showered earlier in the film. The Egyptian pharaoh sex suit disappears, due to the pharaoh's servant (Rick Allen) removing the item, several millennia ago; out of jealously for the peasant (Blake Harper) getting a lot more attention from the pharaoh than him. Thus, Mr. Blanchard, the pharaoh, and his curse, cease to exist. Ending the film.

At Large (SteveC, Steve O'Donnell, MarkS; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【職権】ダーク♂プリズン【乱用編】("[Occupational Rights] Dark ♂ Prison [Abuse]")
    • Tortoise Fujioka puts a baton down his throat and later escorts two drag queens. Featuring Tokkuri Cobra and the returning Izumi DiCaprio.
  • Japanese: ダーク♂プリズン【エコノミー回避版】("Dark ♂ Prison [Economy Avoidance Version]")
    • Identical video to be economically friendly.

Latin Balls Huevos 5 (DuncanM, PeterW; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 吾作の休日 ("Gosaku Holiday")
    • Kamata Gosaku and the returning Licker Yamano are relaxing while getting a tan.

BiSexual Nation (AnthonyS, Cassandra Knight, SteveS; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 闇の大統領 チャベス・オバマ ("President of Darkness Chavez Obama")
    • Chavez Obama is an evil person and tries to get two women to prove their bisexuality to him. There is also a female version of TDN.
  • Japanese: テリーマンのストリップダンス編 ("Terryman's Strip Dance")
    • A returning Terryman last previously seen in The Pharaoh's Curse is talking to a woman.

Czech Tag Team 1 (JK, JardaK, Emmett Andrews; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 金閣銀閣の本格的ガチムチレスリング ("Kinkaku Ginkaku Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling")
    • Kinkaku and Ginkaku wrestle in red suits.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:金閣vsスピードデーモン ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Kinkaku vs Speed Demon")
    • Kinkaku wrestles against Speed Demon.

Bondo Gods Vol. 6 (VD, Dividian; 2007)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ボンデージ・マスター ラバー編(モロ自重版)
    • Van Darkholme and an electric Aka-san appear. Van Darkholme is in full spandex and has a new appearance about him.

2010[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?: 26

Raw Rope (VD; 2004)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【ボンマス外伝】 バリカン編 ("[Bonmas Gaiden] Hair Clipper Edition")
    • Van Darkholme gives himself a hair cut. There is also a fly that is heard and seen a few times.
  • Japanese: VAN様 武道編 ("Van-sama Way of the Warrior Edition")
    • Van Darkholme fights another man in a martial arts duel.

How the West was Hung (DannyL, Lane Fuller; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ外伝 西部劇編 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Gaiden Western Play Edition")
    • Deleted. (2010/01/22)
  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ外伝 西部劇編 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Gaiden Western Play Edition")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya and Lane Fuller masturbate in a horse carriage.

Red Star (ErikM; 2003)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ゲイ・マカーイ外伝 洗濯鋏編 ("Gay Makaay Gaiden Laundry Scissors Edition")
    • Gay Makaay is once again tied up and tortured.
  • Japanese: ダーク♂ステゴサウルス ("Dark ♂ Stegosaurus")
    • Gay Makaay resembles a stegosaurus and yells. The video also mixes in 101 Rent Boys footage.
  • Japanese: ゲイ・マカーイ外伝:マカーイの日常編 Part1 ("Gay Makaay Gaiden: Makaay's Daily Life Part1")
    • The beginning part of the film with Erik Michaels.
  • Japanaese: ゲイ・マカーイ外伝:マカーイの日常編 Part2 ("Gay Makaay Gaiden: Makaay's Daily Life Part2")
    • Gay Makaay yelping continues.

Gladiators (MarkW, Nino Bacci, Pascal Martineau; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 剣闘士いかりやビオランテ PartⅠ ("Gladiator Ikariya Biollante Part I")
    • Icarius Biollantius wrestles with either Nino Bacci or Justin. Hilarity ensues when Icarius Biollantius has several iconic pieces of misheard dialogue.

Fetish Sex Fights 1 (Kyle Brandon, Steve Cannon; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的ボンデージ・レスリング ("Authentic Bondage Wrestling")
    • Two men in latex, wrestle each other. Hilarity ensues when they can't use their arms properly.

Boner! Man's Best Friend (BlakeH; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【ホワイトゲイ】キング石井 ホットマッサージ編 ("[White Gay] King Ishii Hot Massage Edition")
    • King Ishii takes off his clothes, positions himself to be massaged by someone, and smiles for the camera.

M.V.P. 2: 1st And 10 (DuncanM, Eric Scott, SteveS, Luke Savage; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: テリーマンのゲイシールド21★ ("Terryman's Gay Shield 21 ★")
    • Luke Savage and Terryman go in a locker room with giant football outfits. They both undress.
  • Japanese: 鎌田吾作 シャワー編 ("Kamata Gosaku Shower Edition")
    • Kamata Gosaku and Eric Scott talk to each other in the shower before performing sex acts on each other; leading into safe anal sex with both men swapping positions.

Punk Punishment (CodyC, Brad Taylor, Johnny James; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese:   (" ")
    • Deleted. (2010/10/20)
  • Japanese: サンダーvsライトニング 超絶叫編 再うp ("Thunder vs Lightning Super Screaming Edition Re-upload")
    • Re-upload. As Thunder was minding his own business, Lightning comes back for revenge and brings Johnny James to crush Thunder. As Lightning and Johnny cooperate together to pin Thunder down, Thunder creates several ear-piercing screams. Thunder manages to fight back and later teams up with his assailants to eventually tag team against Lightning and then finally Johnny James.

Open House (CameronS; 2003)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 ビジネスマン編
    • Deleted. (2010/03/16)
  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 ビジネスマン編
    • Re-upload. Creamstew Ikeda is the eye of a businessman. This is the Massive Studio film.

Storm Fighter (Brett Mycles, Lance Storm, Curt Baldwin; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの偽兄貴 ロッカー編 ("Pants Wrestling Nise Aniki Locker Edition")
    • Nise Aniki and Ikariya Kazuyoshi settle it in a wrestling match when Nise Aniki questions why his mat is on the locker room floor. Ikariya Kazuyoshi tells Nise Aniki that he put the mat on the floor.

Devil is a Bottom (BlakeH, Hans Ebson, Jeremy Tucker, GR, Scott Lyons, Mickey Skee; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: キング石井 悪魔の契約編 1/2 ("King Ishii Deal with the Devil 1/2")
    • Deleted. (2010/05/18)
  • Japanese: キング石井 悪魔の契約編 2/2 ("King Ishii Deal with the Devil 2/2")
    • Deleted. (2010/05/19)
  • Japanese: キング石井 悪魔の契約編 1_2
    • Re-uploaded. Jeremy Tucker chants in reverse in front of a mirror. Suddenly, a devil (played by King Ishii) materializes within the mirror and Jeremy reacts with high-pitched expletives. Owen Sadaoka makes an appearance.
  • Japanese: キング石井 悪魔の契約編 2_2
    • Re-uploaded. Mickey Skee encounters King Ishii, after the latter was finished having sex with KMR, Jeremy Tucker, and Scott Lyons.

Prototype (MarkW; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: いかりやビオランテ ダンスショー編 ("Ikariya Biollante Dance Show")
    • Ikariya Biollante dances.
  • Japanese: いかりやビオランテ 炒飯編 ("Ikariya Biollante Fried Rice Edition")
    • Ikariya Biollante poses for the camera and lies down in a bed. The BGM appears to be stuttering in the video.
  • Japanese: いかりやビオランテ 全裸シャンパン編 【完全版】("Ikariya Biollante Naked Champagne Edition [Complete Edition]")
  • Japanese: いかりやビオランテ ダンスショー編 【完全版】("Ikariya Biollante Dance Show Edition [Complete Edition]")

Body Worship 30 (GreggR, Talvin DeMachio)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: オーウェン定岡 吾作編 ("Owen Sadaoka Gosaku")
    • Owen Sadaoka and Ue-sama appear to set up a wrestling match or are fondling each other.

Workin' It Out (SonnyM; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 井上シャブレラ GAY♂BAR編 ("Inoue Shabrella GAY♂BAR Edition")
    • Deleted. (2010/04/29)
  • Japanese: 井上シャブレラ GAY♂BAR編 のダンス部分のみ ("Inoue Shabrella GAY♂BAR Edition Dance Part Only")
    • Inoue Chabrella briefly dances for a bit. A dancer in a Batman costume appears.

Jockbutt (RicardoM, Jessie Garcia, Diesel; 2006)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ビオりんブランドのロゴビオりんプロデュース 誘惑のダンス編 ("Bio-rin Brand's Bio-rin Produce: Seductive Dance Edition")
    • This is the film where Ronaujiinyo dances.
  • Japanese: ビオりんプロデュース ホームラン♂バッター編 ("Bo-rin Brand's Bio-rin Produce: Home run Batter Edition")
    • Jessie Garcia strips down to his jockstrap while wearing baseball apparel.
  • Japanese: ビオりんプロデュース 夢のバスタブ編 ("Bio-rin Brand's Bio-rin Produce: Dreamy Bathtub Edition")
    • Diesel seductively dances in a hot tub with shades on.

TJ Cummings - Virgin (T.J.; 2009)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 階段編 ("Jonouchi Yuji Stairs")
    • Jonouchi Yuji interacts with the stairs to philosophical BGM. Uploaded to a site named

Erotic Cuts II (DannyL; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ 精神と時のロッカー編 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Locker of Spirit and Time Edition")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya and another man stretch their muscles together. Kazuya doesn't seem to be fazed by this. Philosophical BGM is heard. Caution: loud.

STACEY Q AND COLTON FORD NYC 6/10 (CF; 2010)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: コルトン・フォード ニューヨーク観光編 ("Colton Ford New York City Tourism")
    • A woman comes to meet Colton Ford. Colton Ford asks where his sunglasses are. He then gets up close to the camera to say "IT DOESN'T MATTER!".

Str8-Ahead (NickS, AlexW, Hans Ebson; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内 悠二 盛り♂パーク編
    • Deleted. (2010/07/13)
  • Japanese: 城之内 悠二 盛り♂パーク編
    • Re-upload. Jonouchi Yuji slowly walks towards the camera. The returning Shōei encounters KMR.

Fantasies of a Pig Bottom (SteveC, BlakeH, PeterW, EricE; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的ガチムチ群像劇 トータス編
    • Deleted. (2010/09/20)
  • Japanese: ごっついゲイポルノをBGMで誤魔化してみた
    • Mostly BGM only of Tortoise Fujioka's scene from the film.

Handyman 3 (T.J.; 2007)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 女と休日編
    • Jonouchi Yuji is interviewed by a woman. The camera is focused on Jonouchi Yuji.

Older Women, Younger Men 5 (T.J., LR; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 茂美の誘惑編 ("Jonouchi Yuji Shigemi Temptation Edition")
    • Jonouchi Yuji gets seduced by Lynn Ross, the maid.

The Megavac Workout (Max Grand)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: スーパーヒーロー♂エッジの実験編
    • Edge film.

Battle Bang Season 1 (T.J., SethD)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内がレスリング界復帰!?
    • Jonouchi Yuji returns with wrestling. He also talks about his background a little bit.
  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 金網デスマッチ編
    • Creamstew Ikeda returns with wrestling. He also talks about his background a little bit.

The First Bi's Club (AntonioC, Sharon Kane, Jack Simmons; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 井上カブレラ ストリップダンス編(旧:招待編)(Inoue Cabrera Strip Dance (Former: Invitation))
    • Inoue Cabrera appears with Okahan in a bisexual pornographic film.
  • Japanese: 井上カブレラ ストリップダンス編 画質向上&シーン追加版
  • Japanese: レイザー(レスリングシリーズ)と白人のパートナー
    • Razor appears along with stripper Inoue Cabrera.

Brutal Kombat (Tim Brough, EricE, Brent Banes, Beau Bradley; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 海老蔵&ルーニー 暗黒チャーハン編 1/2
    • Deleted. (2010/10/27)
  • Japanese: 海老蔵&ルーニー 暗黒チャーハン編 2/2
    • Deleted. (2010/10/30)
  • Japanese: 海老蔵&ルーニー 暗黒チャーハン編 1_2
    • Re-upload. Yami no Shōgun-sama plays Brutux Kahn. Ebihara Ebizō and Gayne Rooney are seen pulling slaves Mark Coleman and Robert Black to Brutux Kahn who resembles Bask Om from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.

Tales from the Chamber 4 (2007)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: スーパーヒーローたちの着替え ("Superheroes getting dressed")
  • Japanese: スーパーヒーローたちの捕縛 ("The capture of superheroes")

Dirty Kinky Mature Women 28 (LR; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ク リ ス マ ス プ レ ゼ ン ト
    • Ikeda Shigemi is "interviewed" by someone.

Sex Psycho (GreggR, Jason McCain; 2003)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: オーウェン定岡 カウンセリング編 1/2
    • Deleted. (2010/12/27)
  • Japanese: オーウェン定岡 屋上編 2/2
    • Deleted. (2010/12/28)
  • Japanese: オーウェン定岡 カウンセリング編
    • Re-upload. Dr. McCain gathers around his patients. Owen Sadaoka's issue is that he chronically masturbates.
  • Japanese: オーウェン定岡 屋上編 2_2
    • Re-upload. Owen Sadaoka masturbates on a rooftop in the nude. Another philosophical rooftop scene.

Czech Is in the Male (JirkaK; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 金閣のビニールオナハウス編 ("Kinkaku Vinyl Onahouse Edition")
    • Kinkaku enters into a greenhouse with a military outfit. Music plays that includes a pleasant chorus with a piano, and more classical music. Jirka strips himself and masturbates inside of the greenhouse.

Big Boyz Club 5 (DuncanM, Drew Andrews; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 鎌田吾作 共同炒飯編 ("Kamata Gosaku Joint Fried Rice Edition")
    • Kamata Gosaku, proving his worth to be the raunchiest main Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling Characters, immediately fellates Drew Andrews. The origin of Kamata Gosaku's blowjob face.

Old School 102 (LR; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【茂晦日】池田茂美 来客編
    • Ikeda Shigemi brings 3 men into her house.

Man Daze (DuncanM; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 鎌田吾作のかにみそパーティー2008
    • Kamata Gosaku interacts with chains while masturbating. An All Worlds Video film produced by Chi Chi LaRue. Flames are added in.

2011[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?: 48

Ancient Amateurs 7 (LR; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: JKが野外でオナニーする動画
    • The camera begins with a shot of Ikeda Shigemi's black lingerie. She is briefly interviewed by a man.

The Mirror: Manifest Fantasies 4 (DuncanM, Mason Flynt, PeterW; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的 哲学と自然の鏡 ケツホルデス城:1690 ("Authentic Philosophy and Natural Mirrors: Princess Ketsuholedesu's Castle: 1690")
    • Very good vocal BGM is heard and suddenly, the main vocal from House of Detention is heard. The current time period is somewhere in Italy in 1690. Two men discuss in Italian. Then one of the men in the discussion meets a new man wearing a blue collared shirt. The two men then kiss and have safe anal sex with each other.
  • Japanese: 本格的 哲学と自然の鏡 鎌田吾作:1863(修正版) ("Authentic Philosophy and Natural Mirrors: Kamata Gosaku: 1863 (Modified Version))"
    • Kamata Gosaku paints in 19th century France. The South of France. This footage may have answered where Kamata Gosaku works at. Kamata Gosaku receives a present from a French man. He opens the gift and is a mirror. Pururun Pain fades in from within the mirror as a model and Kamata Gosaku turns around to see him lying down on his red couch. Kamata Gosaku then has the drive to paint in more detail as a half-naked Pururun Pain remains lying down. Then, Pururun Pain desires for Kamata Gosaku with Kamata Gosaku complying.
  • Japanese: 本格的 哲学と自然の鏡 リッカー山野:1880 ("Authentic Philosophy and Mirror of Nature Ricker Yamano: 1880")
    • wip

TJ Cummings Solo (T.J.)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城ノ内本編 背筋自慢編
    • Jonouchi Yuji is interviewed and poses for the camera. He ate nothing but pizza and beer for 10 days.

Ass Crackin' 1 (Dillon Day; 2004)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ねじりんボーイ インタビュアー編  
    • Nejirin♂Boy says hello to the camera and reveals that he is in the Czech Republic. He is not there for sightseeing but rather to interact with European women.

A Wank in the Woods (JirkaK, Jarda; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 金閣銀閣のボーイスカウト おもいでづくり編 1/2 ("Boy Scouts of Kinkaku and Ginkaku: Memory Making 1/2")
    • Kinkaku and several friends, including Ginkaku, go camping in the woods, and accidentally name their dog "Occhan". Occhan hesitates to get off the bus. The origin of steak appearing in Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling MAD.
  • Japanese: 金閣銀閣のボーイスカウト おもいでづくり編 2/2 ("Boy Scouts of Kinkaku and Ginkaku: Memory Making 2/2")
    • Includes the signing guitar man, beer, more cooked steak, a sleeping Occhan, a volleyball match, swimming, and a group photo.

Surfer Boy Showdown (CodyC, Brad Taylor; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的サーファーレスリング 【サンダーvsライトニング】("Authentic Surfer Wrestling 【Thunder vs. Lightning】)
    • Angered by Lightning making a scene in front of hundreds of people, Thunder suddenly pits Brad in the wrestling match. Thunder proves himself to be an acrobatic wrestler with high jump kicking involved. Lightning would eventually come back for revenge.
  • Japanese: 本格的サーファーレスリング 【ラウンド2】
    • More high jump kicking.

Hard Heroes (SteveS, CodyC, Brad Taylor, Mason Flynt, Jack Simmons, Max Grand, Emmett Andrews; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: テリーマンのスーパーヒーロー編 第1話 ("Terryman's Superheroes Part 1")
  • Japanese: テリーマンのスーパーヒーロー編 第2話 ("Terryman's Superheroes Part 2")
  • Japanese: テリーマンのスーパーヒーロー編 第3話 ("Terryman's Superheroes Part 3")
  • Japanese: テリーマンのスーパーヒーロー編 第4話 ("Terryan's Superheroes Part 4")
  • Japanese: テリーマンのスーパーヒーロー編 最終話 ("Terryman's Superheroes")
    • Pururun Pain, the chairman of a technological company, requests the Stud Squad's help in stopping a terrorist from acquiring his cloning technology or killing his staff members within 24 hours. They eventually find out that the terrorist is actually the same person as the chairman, and defeat him.

The Men Of Steele (SteveS; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的テリーマンレスリング ("Authentic Terryman Wrestling")
    • Terryman wrestles somebody while surrounded by brick walls.

Die Hard Conquers Dyno-Man (Mason Flynt, ErikM; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: スーパーヒーロー編外伝 ゲイ・マカーイの受難 第1話
    • Die Hard (returning as Mason Flynt) uses a lollipop to weaken Dyno-Man (Gay Makaay).

Double Exposure (DannyL; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ 社有ガレージ編 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Company-Owned Garage Edition")
    • Danny Lee works with Peter in his yard and garage. They take a water break.
  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ 本格的アームレスリング編 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Authentic Arm Wrestling Edition")
    • Danny Lee arm wrestles Peter while both men are naked.
  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ プール・ビリヤード編 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Pool Billiards Edition")
    • Danny and Peter have a game of pool then proceed to shower together.

Max Men Strip Fantasy 2 (Nino Bacci)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 新日暮里ダンススクール ニューカマー♂編
    • New faces over the previous installment.

Red Blooded Americans (DuncanM, Jack Simmons; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 新日暮里植民地時代 ("Shinnippori Colonial Era")
    • Kamata Gosaku dresses as a Native American.
  • Japanese: 新日暮里植民地時代:レイザー編 ("Shinnippori Colonial Era: Razor Edition")
    • wip

Czech Tag Team 2 (JirkaK, JardaK, Tommy Cruise, SteveS, SonnyM; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: シャブレラ&テリーマンvsスカル乳首兄弟 超人タッグ編① ("Chabrella & Terryman vs Skull Nipple Brothers Superman Tag Edition 1")
    • Inoue Chabrella and Terryman wrestle against the Skull Nipple Brothers.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:シャブレラ&テリーマンvsスカル乳首兄弟② ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Chabrella & Terryman vs Skull Nipple Brothers 2")
    • The continuation of the intense tag team wrestling fight.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:銀閣vsトム・クルーズ ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Ginkaku vs Tom Cruise")
    • Ginkaku wrestles against Tom Cruise.

Maxon vs. Marcus (BrianM, BillyM; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 4試合目
  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 4試合目 その2
  • Japanese:【1080p】本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング 4試合目【60fps】
    • Sudo-san and Aniki fight each other. Sudo-san is a dominant wrestler. He is able to best Aniki at numerous occasions. This is the fourth bout.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell! (SteveC, BlakeH; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的審問会議 前編
  • Japanese: 【トータス藤岡】本格的審問会議 中編【本編】
    • In a military themed film, a few men are in court over homosexual disputes. The title of the film is phrased, which fits the situation. Tortoise Fujioka is one of the victims recorded on VHS.

Maxon vs. Janson (BM, Larry Janson; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング 須藤さん VS 小兄貴【未公開編】 ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling: Sudo-san vs. Ko Aniki [Unreleased Edition])
  • Japanese: 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング 須藤さん VS 小兄貴【未公開編】 2戦目 ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling: Sudo-san vs. Ko Aniki [Unreleased Edition] 2nd Game)
  • Japanese: 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング 須藤さん VS 小兄貴 ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling: Sudo-san vs. Ko Aniki)
    • Sudo-san and Ko Aniki wrestle each other. Sudo-san gets knocked out in one of the earlier rounds, but easily curb stomps Ko Aniki in the later rounds.

Maxon vs. Dean (BrianM, Jimmy Dean; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング 須藤さんVSでっかい象♂さん(仮称)
  • Japanese: 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング 須藤さんVSでっかい象♂さん(仮称)2
    • Sudo-san wrestles Jimmy Dean.

The Servant (SteveC, BlakeH; 2005)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: キング石井 近代ドマラ編 ("King Ishii Modern Domara")
    • King Ishii is greeted by someone in a black suit. king Ishii's house has a spiral staircase. This is Tortoise Fujioka's final film.
  • Japanese: トータス藤岡 竹林編 ("Tortoise Fujioka Bamboo Forest")
    • Tortoise Fujioka's very last scene ever. Tortoise Fujioka walks through a bamboo forest with another man.

Maximum Maxon 1 (BrianM, EricE, Brad King, Matt Bradshaw; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング 須藤さんVS海老蔵 前半戦
    • Sudo-san wrestles the returning Ebihara Ebizō.

Real Wife Stories (T.J.; 2008)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 ヒミツのお仕事編 ("Jonouchi Yuji Secret Work")
    • Jonouchi Yuji is the cable guy. He has on a funny looking expression while the camera is covered by a part of his face on the bottom left corner of the screen.

MILF Cruiser 16 (SethD; 2008)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 ドライブ編 その1
    • Creamstew Ikeda drives a vehicle, searching for women.

Unknown Creamstew Ikeda Driving film 2 (SethD)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 ドライブ編 その2
    • Creamstew Ikeda drives a different vehicle, still searching for women.

Maxon vs. Wolff (BM, MW; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 須藤さんVSいかりやビオランテ 本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング
  • Japanese: 須藤さんvsいかりやビオランテ 【追加シーン】
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:いかりやビオランテVS須藤さん Round.1
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:いかりやビオランテVS須藤さん Round.2
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:いかりやビオランテVS須藤さん Round.3
  • Japanese:【1080p】パンツレスリング外伝:いかりやビオランテVS須藤さん Round.1【60fps】
    • Brian Maxon and Mark Wolff fight each other. Brian is a dominant opponent and has pride in talking down on Canadians, as Mark is indeed a Canadian. He gives Mark names such as Canuck and Seal Clubber. Japanese fans have given this fight the nickname "Yukipo VS Homura" based off the anime Characters that Mark and Brian are associated with.

Unknown Creamstew Ikeda Slut 1 film (SethD)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 チャイナ娘編
    • Creamstew Ikeda interviews an Asian woman.

Uniforms Only! (DuncanM, Dean Maxwell; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 鎌田吾作 軍隊編 ("Kamata Gosaku Army Edititon")
    • Kamata Gosaku plays billiards in a United States themed uniform before being greeted by Dean Maxwell, who is in a customized black Schutzstaffel uniform.

Internal Explosions 6 (SethD; 2006)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 火編
    • Creamstew Ikeda interviews a firefighter.

Porn Without Limits (SethD; 2010)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 陽水さん(仮)登場編
    • Creamstew Ikeda talks to a man wearing black shades.

Latin Heat Inn Exile (SteveS, Max Grand; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: テリーマンのワークアウト編 ("Terryman Workout Edition")
    • Terryman trains with dumbbells. He is only stopped by Edge. His lover.

The Adventurers (VD, Andy Lau, Rosamond Kwan, Ron Yuan, George Cheung, Chien-Lien Wu; 1995)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【TDN】 VAN様のダーク♂映画編 【血戦中華街】 ("[TDN] VAN-Sama's Dark♂Movie Blood Feuds of Chinatown]")
    • Blackie (Van) scenes from The Adventurers.
  • Japanese: 【高画質】VAN様のダーク♂映画編 【血戦中華街】(HD version)
    • Blackie scenes in HD.

Sex Bi Day Friends Bi Night (DuncanM; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 鎌田吾作 女狐編
    • Kamata Gosaku lies down on a couch while talking to a big-breasted lady.

Heidi Maine and Seth Dickens (SethD; 2007)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 目がビジネスマーン編
    • Creamstew Ikeda is reported to a woman. Both are wearing business suits.
  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 寝起き編
    • Creamstew Ikeda is finished with you and gets up yelling.

Chapters (BlakeH; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: キング石井 メイキング・撮影編
    • King Ishii gets into position to take his photos.

Mother Fuckers 3 (T.J.; 2006)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 熟女の身体検査編
    • Jonouchi Yuji is interviewed by a short, red-haired woman.

Wolff vs. Dean (MarkW, Jimmy Dean; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: いかりやビオランテ 腹パン編
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ビオランテvsでっかい象♂さん(仮称)
    • Ikariya Biollante wrestles Huge Elephant♂ (Provisional) in the wrestling ring.

Unknown Ikeda's Chinese Girl interview film[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 池田のチャイナ娘 インタビュー編
    • The same lady that appeared in another video is interviewed.

My First Sex Teacher 59 (T.J.; 2006)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 不良生徒編
    • Jonouchi Yuji interviews a woman who is taller than him. Jonouchi plays with a basketball during the interview.

Jacked to Vegas (Chris Steele, Spike, CCL; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 妖精王 ラスベガス来襲編
    • The returning Komada Takakazu and Femdom Mikasa appear in this film. Much like the video of Virgin No More, it is impossible to find an English dubbed copy of the film. The audio is in Spanish.

Cock Tail Gang Bang (PK, JiriS; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ダンススクール外伝:銀閣のクラブダンス編
    • Kinkaku and Ginkaku return with a party themed film.

The Best of Colton Ford (CF; 2005)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: コルトン もう一人のボク編
    • Colton Ford talks to himself in the mirror. The mirror version of Colton Ford is under control of Colton Ford as he's able to initiate a conversation with his mirror self. This is a compilation film.

Naughty Bookworms 3631 (SD; 2009)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 校長先生編 ("Creamstew Ikeda Mr. School Principal Edition")
    • Creamstew Ikeda is on the phone with somebody.

Mark Wolff Star Profile (MarkW; 2005)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: いかりやビオランテ インタビュー編 ("Ikariya Biollante Interview Edition")
    • Ikariya Biollante begins the interview with saying a little bit about himself and his business. He proceeds to strip then be tailored with a new suit and begins to undress himself again, which ends with him masturbating.

Valley Girls 2 (SethD; 2004)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 人工呼吸編 ("Creamstew Ikeda Breathing Worker Edition")
    • A woman driving a van finds Creamstew Ikeda working with somebody to move boxes around.

Tranny A Go Go (AnthonyS, T.J.; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: チャベス・オバマ アフロ編&城之内悠二バーテンダー編
    • Chavez Obama has on an afro and Jonouchi Yuji talks to a woman.

Malibu's Most Latin (SethD)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 海賊編 ("Creamstew Ikeda Pirate Edition")
    • Creamstew Ikeda wears a pirate hat.

2012[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?:

Canadian Built Wrestling Club 1 (MarkW; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ビオランテの本格的ガチムチレスリング Round.1 ("Pants Wrestling Side Story: Biollante's Authentic Gachimuchi Wrestling Round. 1")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ビオランテの本格的ガチムチレスリング Round.2 ("Pants Wrestling Side Story: Biollante's Authentic Gachimuchi Wrestling Round. 2")
    • Ikariya Biollante and a friend discuss a recent WWF match which leads them to wrestling.

Czech Point (AlesH, Chris Steele, Michael Brandon; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 金閣 ブートキャンプ編 ("Kinkaku Boot Camp Edition")
    • The returning Komada Takakazu is seen working with American and Eastern European forces. This is Kinkaku's very first American film.

Saddle Up (CameronS, EricE; 2002)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 カウボーイ編 ("Creamstew Ikeda Cowboy Edition")
    • Creamstew Ikeda acts as an intense cowboy who stares down Ebihara Ebizō. Could be considered to be an official MAD. Popular.

Titans: The Movie (MarkW, BrianM, Tom Flex; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:須藤さん VS ビオランテ リベンジラウンド 1 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Sudo-san vs Biolante Revenge Round 1")
    • Sudo-san and Ikariya Biollante do a rematch. This time in a wrestling ring. Sudo-san is again, still a dominant opponent.
  • Japanese: 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング 須藤さん VS 江頭 ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling: Sudo-san VS Egashira")
    • Sudo-san wrestles Tom Flex part 1.
  • Japanese: 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング 須藤さん VS 江頭 再戦編 "Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling: Sudo-san VS Egashira [Rematch Edition]")
    • Sudo-san wrestles Tom Flex part 2.
  • Japanese: 本格的テカテカプロレスリング いかりやビオランテ VS 江頭 Round 1 ("Authentic Tecateka Pro Wrestling Ikariya Biollante VS Egashira Round 1")
    • Mark Wolff wrestles Tom Flex part 1.
  • Japanese: 本格的テカテカプロレスリング いかりやビオランテ VS 江頭 Round 2 ("Authentic Tecateka Pro Wrestling Ikariya Biollante VS Egashira Round 2")
    • Mark Wolff wrestles Tom Flex part 2.

Canadian Built Wrestling Club 2 (MarkW; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチ台所レスリング いかりやビオランテVSお野菜兄弟(仮)("Authentic Gachimuchi Kitchen Wrestling: Ikariya Biolante VS Vegetable Brothers (Provisional)")
  • Japanese: 本格的 ガチムチ台所レスリング いかりやビオランテVSお野菜兄弟(仮)続 ("Authentic Gachimuchi Kitchen Wrestling: Ikariya Biolante VS Vegetable Brothers (Provisional) Continued")
    • Ikariya Biollante is upset that his two friends bought too much fruit and that his grandmother will be upset when she gets home. They proceed to wrestle in the kitchen and throw food at each other.

Wrestlers: Muscle Fantasies 2 (BillyM, J.T. Sloan; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング 新♂章 ("Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling New♂Chapter")
  • Japanese: 兄貴の挑戦 ガチムチパンツレスリング ("Aniki Challenge Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling")
    • Aniki's first wrestling film ever.

Double Cross (DannyD; 1996)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ ギャング編 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Gang Edition")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya is an enforcer for his leader. He gets knocked out by having his head smashed into a car window.

Blue Collar Men: Manifest Fantasies 2 (AnthonyC; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 井上カブレラ リフォーム編 ("Inoue Cabrera Reforming Edition")
    • Inoue Cabrera briefly walks by a fellow co-worker, after working on the ground on a new house. Inoue Cabrera then repeats this action, but this time, carries tools towards the master bathroom as requested by his supervisor.
  • Japanese: 井上カブレラ シャワー編 ("Inoue Cabrera Shower Edition")
    • Inoue Cabrera takes a shower to a good piano house BGM.

Wolff Whipped (MarkW, Rico, Magnus; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ビオのUSA♂レスリング ROUND①~前半~ ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Bio USA ♂ Wrestling ROUND ① ~ First Half ~")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ビオのUSA♂レスリング ROUND①~後半~ ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Bio USA ♂ Wrestling ROUND ① ~ Second Half ~")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ビオのUSA♂レスリング ROUND②~前半~ ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Bio USA ♂ Wrestling ROUND② ~ First Half ~")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ビオのUSA♂レスリング ROUND②~後半~ ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Bio USA ♂ Wrestling ROUND② ~ Second Half ~")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ビオのUSA♂レスリング 色整合編 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Bio USA ♂ Wrestling Color Matching Edition")
    • Ikariya Biollante wrestles against Rico in the first match and Magnus in the second match. Despite his cheap wrestling style, Magnus is a powerful opponent for Ikariya Biollante.

Busty Codi Bryant Creams On A White Cock (T.J.; 2010)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 仕事編 ("Junouchi Yoji Work Edition")
    • Jonouchi Yoji is on the phone and interviews Codi afterwards.

2013[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?:

Guarding the Jewels (DuncanM, Kip Casey; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 鎌田吾作 新日暮里警察編 ("Kamata Gosaku Shinnippori Police Edition")
    • Kamata Gosaku, in a police outfit, catches a criminal (Kip Kasey) trying to steal a jewel and holds him at gun point with his handgun. Kamata Gosaku then requests the criminal to take off his clothes and perform fellatio on Kamata Gosaku. The criminal manages to take Duncan's handgun and Kamata Gosaku decides to have anal sex with him. During the scene, Crash Bandicoot-like and Donkey Kong-like music is heard throughout the scene. The third scene of the film.

Closing the Deal (GreggR, Sean Dickson; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: オーウェン定岡 映画館編 ("Owen Sadaoka Movie Theater Edition")
    • Hatsune Miku makes a guest appearance as Owen Sadaoka has sex with Sean Dickson.

High Stakes Oil Wrestling 4 (GreggR, Talvin Demachio; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:オーウェン定岡vs上様 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Owen Sadaoka vs Ue-sama")
    • Owen Sadaoka wrestles against Talvin Demachio.

Raw Meat 3 (DuncanM, Paul Morgan; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 鎌田吾作 アッーミー編 ("Kamata Gosaku A~tsūmī Edition")
    • Kamata Gosaku does not know what to say when he comes into the duty hut. He loves getting pounded, with it being the only way for him to lose his load.

Maximum Maxon 2 (BrianM, Jack Simmons; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:須藤さん 7~9試合目【予告編】
    • Sudo-san and Razor wrestle in a preview video.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:須藤さんVSレイザー①
    • The real match against Sudo-san and Razor. These two men are significant in that they have an incredibly long line of connections which ultimately connects Aniki to popular Japanese gay pornographic film actor, Chocolate Ball Mukai.

Maxon vs. Morgan (BrianM, Paul Morgan; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:須藤さん 6試合目① ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Sudo-san 6th Match 1")
    • Sudo-san wrestles Paul Morgan. Their height difference is very noticeable.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:須藤さん 6試合目② ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Sudo-san 6th Match 2")
    • Sudo-san wrestles Paul Morgan part 2.

Good Time Girl (T.J.; 2003)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 ピザ編 ("Jonouchi Yuji Pizza Edition")
    • Jonouchi Yuji plays a bratty teenager with his father and stepmother.

Fantasy Oil Wrestling 4 (Talvin Demachio, Rocky; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:オナハウス店長vs上様 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Onahouse Manager vs Ue-sama")
    • The returning Onahouse Manager wrestles against Ue-sama.

Fantasy Fight 20 (NickS, Adam Hart; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 レスリング番外編 ("Jonouchi Yuji Wrestling Extra Edition")
    • Jonouchi Yuji wrestles against Adam Hart.

Hardcore Mat Fights (DuncanM, Dino Philips, AlexW, Trenton Comeaux; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:鎌田吾作 2試合目 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Kamata Gosaku 2nd Match")
    • Kamata Gosaku wrestles against Dino Philips. Duncan Mills' 2nd match supposedly.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:照英編 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Shōei Edition")
    • Shōei wrestles against Trenton Comeaux.

Todd Mane's Intense Initiation (ToddM, Doug Brandon, Jimmy Dean; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ユダ・ラッセン編 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Yuda Lassen Edition")
    • The returning Yuda Lassen wrestles in his only wrestling film against two opponents.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ユダ・ラッセン編② ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Yuda Lassen Edition 2")
    • Yuda Lassen wrestles some more.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ユダ・ラッセン編③ ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Yuda Lassen Edition 3")
    • Yuda Lassen wrestles yet some more.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ユダ・ラッセンvsでっかい象♂さん(仮称) ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Yuda Lassen vs Huge Elephant-san (Provisional Name)")
    • Yuda Lassen encounters Huge Elephant-san.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ユダ・ラッセンvsでっかい象♂さん(仮称)② ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Yuda Lassen vs Huge Elephant-san (Provisional Name)")
    • The wrestling match with Yuda Lassen and Huge Elephant-san continues.

2014[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?:

Blonde Heaven (DannyD; 1995)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ ヴァンパイア編 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Vampire Edition")
    • Danny Dallas records a voluptuous blonde woman for a few minutes. Danny Lee then gets up close to the camera and says "Welcome to blonde heaven. A blonde on your arm, a song in your heart. All your money chipped and refunded." Vampire action does happen. Danny Lee is a vampire and has blond hair.

Animus (DuncanM, BlakeH, AA; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: マーティン・ワナメーカー 2000年問題
    • Andrew Addams' news report under his news reporter identity Martin Wannamaker.
  • Japanese: 名探偵キング石井 追跡!鎌田吾作編
    • King Ishii and his partner track down Kamata Gosaku as he later is found having sex with two other men.

Just Men (BoG, Blue Blake; 1996)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 兄貴の弟 - 'Just Men' ("Brother of Aniki - 'Just Men'")
    • Bo is seen in a cellmate with Blue Blake.

Mavericks 1 (BoG, J.T. Sloan, SonnyM, PaganP; 1995)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 兄貴の弟 - 'Mavericks' ("Brother of Aniki - 'Mavericks'")
    • Bo is seen fighting a cowboy in a saloon.

Daydream Obsession (DannyD, Joseph Dain, Rafael Escorcia, 2003)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤの日常 シャワー編 ("Everyday Life of Kazuya Shower Edition")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya (as Will) is seen showering, but not before Joseph Dain (as Clayton) barges into the bathroom. Will owes Clayton for something, after Clayton accidentally flushes the toilet while Will was showering. Good BGM then plays.
  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤの日常 テレビゲーム編 ("Everyday Life of Kazuya Video Games Edition")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya (as Will) and Rafael Escorcia (as Jonathan) were playing a video game match of the PlayStation 2 port Madden NFL 2004. Joseph Dain (as Clayton), is called upon by Jonathan to bring him a beer with Will sharing the same request. Clayton retorts to the two men before grabbing two beers. As Clayton serves the two men their beers and sits down, Clayton then hallucinates a gay fantasy that magically strips Will and Jonathan of their clothing. The now naked men wrestle with pillows and each other to groovy BGM.

Kick-Ass Punishment Wrestling 3 (BM, Bart Tyler, Steve Troy; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:須藤さんの2on1レスリング 乱入編 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Sudo-san 2on1 Wrestling Intrusion Edition")
    • Sudo-san is tied up by Bart Tyler and Steve Troy. They taunt Sudo-san.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:須藤さんの2on1レスリング 逆襲編 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Sudo-san 2on1 Wrestling Counterattack Edition")
  • Continued carnage.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:須藤さんの2on1レスリング 共闘編 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Sudo-san 2on1 Wrestling Joint Struggle Edition")
  • Continued.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:須藤さんの2on1レスリング 処刑編 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Sudo-san 2on1 Wrestling Execution Edition")
  • Finale.

2015[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?:

The Referee (CameronS; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: コーチ池田 ("Coach Ikeda")
    • Cameron acts as a baseball coach.

Two Handfuls (BM; 1986)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 須藤さんダイアリー 男色の目覚め編 ("Sudo-san's Diary Awakening of Man Color Edition")
    • A young Brian Maxon talks about his sexual frustration while in his car before getting out of it. Angry, horny, and frustrated.
  • Japanese: 須藤さんダイアリー シャワー編 ("Sudo-san's Diary Shower Edition")
    • A young Brian Maxon talks about his sexual frustration while showering.

Extreme Mat Fights (JS, AnthonyS, Cassandra Knight; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 新 本格的 ガチムチノンケ向けパンツレスリング 兄貴の章編 ("New Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling Chapter: Aniki Edition")
    • Jake Stevens is seen wrestling against a lady.
  • Japanese: 新 本格的 ガチムチノンケ向けパンツレスリング オバマの章編 ("New Authentic Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling Chapter: Obama Edition")
    • Anthony Stone wrestles against Cassandra Knight.

Maximum Orgasm: The Man's Guide To Tantric Pleasure (PeterW, Max Grand, Tommy Cruise; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: チャーハンズ チャーハン編 ("Fried Hands Fried Rice Edition")
    • Licker Yamano, Edge, and Tom Cruise succumb to the joys of physical pleasure.

Rockland vs. Wolff (MW, Vince Rockland; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:いかりやビオランテ 王座防衛戦 1/4 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Ikariya Biollante Championship Defense 1/4")
    • Mark Wolff (wearing silver crotch shorts) wrestles against Vince Rockland (wearing gold crotch shorts).

Checkmate (DannyD; 1995)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ †性騎士(ナイト)†編 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya †Sex Knight (Night)†Edition")
    • Danny Dallas appears in a straight pornographic film as one of the chess pieces, the knight.

2016[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?:

The Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth (SteveC, GreggR, AA; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【本格的 七つの大罪】怠惰の罪人:トータス藤岡 来訪者編 ("(Authentic Seven Deadly Sins) Lazy Sinner: Tortoise Fujioka Visitor Edition")
    • Steve Cassidy lies on his bed looking at the news. Steve Cassidy has a voice sensitive TV and requests an escort. He goes through the selection of escorts before settling with Lance Gear. Directed by Thor Stephens.

California Muscleboy Pro Wrestling 2 (BlakeO; 1995)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 南北戦争 ("Civil War")
    • Blake Onassis is seen getting dominated by another wrestler. There is a second national Confederate States of America flag hanging on the wall.

Blake Onassis: Exposed! (BlakeO; 1995)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ビオシャワー ("Bio Shower")
    • Blake Onassis showers.
  • Japanese: いかりやビオランテの一人遊び ("Ikariya Biollante's Solo Play")
    • In Blake Onassis's very first film he is seen relaxing on the beach.

Mud Madness (Rocky James, Johnny Diaz; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 泥仕合編 ("Mud Edition")
    • Rocky James was working out at a muddy beach when Johnny Diaz confronts Rocky James about him being in his location. Rocky James then tells Johnny to do his 2 minutes of stretching. Then, the two men mud wrestle after the two men decide to stay in the mud beach.

2017[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?:

Mens Swim & Erotic Wear (DannyD; ???)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 若き日のカズヤ セクシー水着モデル編 その1―JUICY海苔パン&COMBAT柄パン― ("Young Kazuya Sexy Swimsuit Model Part 1 - JUICY Nori Pants & COMBAT Pattern Pants")
    • Danny Lee's rare appearance.
  • Japanese: 若き日のカズヤ セクシー水着モデル編 その2―FANTASTIC青&DOMINANT柄パン― ("Young Kazuya Sexy Swimsuit Model Part 2 - FANTASTIC Blue & DOMINANT Pattern Pants")
    • Danny Lee's rare appearance part 2.

Canadian Calendarmen (JB; 1992)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ カズヤダンス 救助者版 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Kazuya Dance Rescuer Version")
    • Danny Dallas dances in a disco building.

Hollywood Bad Boys Vol. 1 (DannyD; ???)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ 会話グループ編 その1
    • Danny Dallas listens to the host.

Hollywood Bad Boys Vol. 2 (DannyD; ???)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ カズヤダンス 提督コスプレ版 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Kazuya Dance Admiral Cosplay Version")
    • Danny Dallas dances in his white admiral outfit to the judges and host. An unidentified song plays.

Foot Seduction 6 (AnthonyS, Cassandra Knight; ???)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: チャベス・オバマ&高見沢ユダ 足ビジネスマン編 その1
    • Chavez Obama returns with Cassandra Knight.
  • Japanese: チャベス・オバマ&高見沢ユダ 足ビジネスマン編 その2
    • Ditto.

Proper Balance (AnthonyC; 2017)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 井上カブレラ 2017編 ("Inoue Cabrera 2017 Edition")
    • Inoue Cabrera as he appears in 2017.

Sex Court 2x5 (Deposition Position) (AnthonyS; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: チャベス・オバマのテレビ出演
    • Chavez Obama controls two angry women. His theme from Knaked Knights is played for a bit in a scene.

Guys Next Door 2 (DannyD; 1993)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤのホームビデオ ("Home Video of Kiyoshi Kazuya")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya has on a fancy looking suit and walks someplace after getting out of his fancy car.

Sizing Up: Before Your Very Eyes (BM, Kurt Marshall, Chuck Spencer; 1984)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 須藤さん 陸上競技編 ("Sudo-san: Track-and-field Edition")
    • A blond Sudo-san, in his very first film, competes in a decathlon competition with his teammates with one of them (Chuck Spencer) having a striking resemblance to Mario. He's cheered on by his boyfriend who looks like Freddie Mercury which coincides with We Are the Champions by Queen playing in the background.

Interactive Mind Teazzer: Hunk O' Rama (DannyD; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ カズヤダンス編 おさわり版 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Kazuya Dance Edition Touch Version")
  • Japanese: 【高画質】木吉カズヤ カズヤダンス編 おさわり版 ("【High Resolution】Kiyoshi Kazuya Kazuya Dance Edition Touch Version")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya dances in front of a lady.
  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ カズヤダンス 提督コスプレ版2 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Kazuya Dance Admiral Cosplay Version 2")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya's iconic admiral outfit makes an epic return.
  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ インタビュー2 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Interview 2")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya's personal interview with the director. Talks about the film where Danny Dallas has his blond hair and shades.
  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ 舞台裏編 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Behind the Scenes Edition")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya's NG montage.

Hunk O' Rama 2 (DannyD; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ インタビュー ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Interview")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya is interviewed.
  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ カズヤダンス編 おさわり版 その2 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Kazuya Dance Edition Touch Version Part 2")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya dances in front of a lady again.
  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ ライフガードファッション編 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya Lifeguard Fashion Edition")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya in his iconic lifeguard outfit.
  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ DVDホスト編 ("Kiyoshi Kazuya DVD Host Edition")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya is the host of Hunk O' Rama 2.
  • Japanese: スーパーカズヤ新素材に出てくるNG音デラックス ("Super Kazuya New Material Deluxe NG Sound")
    • Kiyoshi Kazuya's red oval "Oops".

Malcolm & Eddie; 3x18 (The Fool Monty) (DannyD; 1996)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: SITCOMカズヤ! ("SITCOM Kazuya!")
    • Aired in 1999. Kiyoshi Kazuya's truly rare appearance in a sitcom. Referred to as Rick.
  • Japanese: カズヤ - Malcolm & Eddie (Full ver) ("Kazuya - Malcolm & Eddie (Full ver)"
    • Full version of the scene.

2018[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?:

Unknown Chavez Obama fear of swimming film (AnthonyS; ???)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【未発表】 チャベス・オバマの人間革命
    • Chavez Obama is afraid of swimming.

Read Bi All (AnthonyS, Cassandra Knight; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: チャベス・オバマの日常 学生編
    • Chavez Obama looks down in a college library.

Black Boots (AnthonyS, Cassandra Knight; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: チャベス・オバマ&おかぁはん ダーク♀オナハウス編
    • Chavez Obama looks down but with leather.

Male Box (AnthonyS; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: チャベス・オバマ 写真家編
    • Chavez Obama has a camera and uses it.

Big Bad Beetleborgs; 1x41 (Something Fishy) (SwampC; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【半漁人】ビッグ・バッド・ビートルボーグ 1/2
  • Japanese: 【半漁人】ビッグ・バッド・ビートルボーグ 2/2
    • The Moat Monster (as Swamp Scumoid or Charterville Charlie) appears again as a generic villain that is stopped by several superheroes.

Strip Bowling (Christopher Lafluer; 2002)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 今夜が宇梶 ストリップボーリング編 ("Kon-ya ga Ukaji Strip Bowling Edition")
    • Christopher Lafluer's return to Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling.
  • Japanese: 今夜が宇梶 ストリップボーリング編 NG集 ("Kon-ya ga Ukaji Strip Bowling Edition NG Collection")
    • Outtakes.

2019[edit | edit source]

Films/videos uploaded?:

Basket Balling (DuncanM; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 鎌田吾作 捻挫編 ("Kamata Gosaku Sprain Edition")
    • Duncan Miller is seen playing basketball before having safe anal sex with Cort Stevens.

クールガイズ 1 (Kūru Gaizu 1) (Jack Simmons, Reese Coleman, Takahiko (Hokuto); ???)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: クールガイズ 1 ("Cool Guys 1")
    • Jack Simmons flew in from Los Angeles, California, United States to Japan. Jack Simmons appears in a car with fellow actor Reese Coleman. Jack Simmons and Reese Coleman meet Takahiko (Hokuto) in a street. The origin of Jack Simmons creating those beeping noises.

黒人と美少年 イタル (Kokujin to Bishōnen Itaru) (Jack Simmons, Itaru; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 黒人(ジャックシモンズ)と美少年ケン
    • Jack Simmons appears with a JAV actor known as Itaru.

黒人と美少年 タクミ (Kokujin to Bishōnen Takumi) (Jack Simmons, Takumi; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 黒人(ジャックシモンズ)と美少年イタル
    • Jack Simmons appears with a JAV actor known as Takumi.

黒人と美少年 ケン (Kokujin to Bishōnen Ken) (Jack Simmons, Ken; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 黒人(ジャックシモンズ)と美少年ケン
    • Jack Simmons appears with a JAV actor known as Ken.

Rodeo Wrestling 2 (Larry Janson, Skip Roberts; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝: 小兄貴のカウボーイレスリング ラウンド① ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Ko Aniki Cowboy Wrestling Round 1")
    • Ko Aniki wrestles Skip Roberts in round 1, in Ko Aniki's final film.
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝: 小兄貴のカウボーイレスリング ラウンド② ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Ko Aniki Cowboy Wrestling Round 2")
    • Ko Aniki wrestles Skip Roberts in round 2.

Unknown Rainey Mason Interview film (RaineyM)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 臼井リーブス インタビュー編 ("Usui Reeves Interview Edition")
    • In his return, Rainey Mason is interviewed by someone before being forced to strip.

Red Dragon (Christopher Lafluer; 2002)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 今夜が宇梶 寿司編 ("Kon-ya ga Ukaji Sushi Edition")
    • Christopher Lafluer eats sushi with an associate. The table is...

The Rush (Jack Simmons, Ren Adams, David Thompson, Drew Andrews, Todd Stevens; 1996)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: レイザー(レスリングシリーズ) 人質交渉編 ①
    • Ren Adams, who looks a lot like Naked Snake, uses a cell phone and makes his epic return in a non-American Gay Wrestling source. Jack Simmons appears. Making his return as well.
  • Japanese: レイザー(レスリングシリーズ) 人質交渉編 ②
    • The source of a rather angry looking Jack Simmons.

2020[edit | edit source]


Reverse Bukkake 13 (SD; 2010)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 PTSD治療編 ("Creamstew Ikeda PTSD Therapy Edition")
    • Seth Dickens recounts what had happened to him to two ladies.

Palmer's Lust (SteveC; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: トータス藤岡 組長編 ("Tortoise Fujioka Boss")
    • Tortoise Fujioka wants to get even the main protagonist.

The Servant (SteveC; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: トータス藤岡 竹林編 ("Tortoise Fujioka Takebayashi")
    • Tortoise Fujioka and another man have sex in the bamboo forest.

The Coach (Chris Steele; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 駒田高和 ボクシングコーチ編 ("Takakazu Komada Boxing Coach Edition")
    • Komada Takakazu is a boxing coach. He trains the boxer in the park and in the ring.

Night Watch 2 (BoG; 1995)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 兄貴の弟 ジョック編 ("Aniki's younger brother Jock")
    • Bo and horny high school nerd.

Prague Rising (AlesH; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 金閣 地下聖堂編 ("Kinkaku Underground Shrine")
  • Japanese: 金閣 瞬間移動編 ("Kinkaku Teleportation")
    • Jirka and Kirka wake up naked in a chamber. They rub, kiss, and caress each other.
    • Jirka and Kirka awaken from some coffins in a chamber. They walk out and reappear, confused, in a house.

Sharing My Wife: Hillary (II) (T.J., MarkS; 2006)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二&和泉ディカプリオ NTR編 ("Jonouchi Yuji & Izumi DiCaprio NTR")
    • Creamstew Ikeda watches his wife get it on with another man.

Fantasy Fight 22 (NickS; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 レスリング番外2編 ("Jonouchi Yuji Wrestling Extra 2")
    • Jonouchi Yuji wrestles with Marco Rossi.

Taggers (CameronS; 2003)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 悪ガキ編 ("Creamstew Ikeda Evil Boy Edition")
    • Creamstew Ikeda goes skateboarding with several other men. They go under the sewers to relieve themselves.

Slutty Times At Innocent High 3 (T.J.; 2014)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ハッピー・バースデー、 城之内 ("Happy Birthday, Jonouchi Yuji")
    • Sad Jonouchi Yuji celebrates his birthday alone.

The 5th Annual GayVN Award Show (BH; 2002)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 ゲイVNアワード2002編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki GayVN Award 2002")
    • Billy Herrington announces the winner in the "Gay Performer of the Year" category.

Saddle Tramps 2 (BoG; 1995)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 兄貴の弟 カウボーイ編 ("Aniki's younger brother cowboy edition")
    • Bo Garrett talks about three horny ranchers visiting his men and visits his new employee Brian.

Canadian Outdoor Oil Wrestling (Beau Bradley, Rocky James; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ダンススクール vs ビーチ ("Dance school vs beach")
    • Gayne Rooney and Rocky James, covered in oil, wrestle with each other.

When the Wife's Away (EricE; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 海老原海老蔵 機長編 ("Ebihara Ebizo Captain")
    • Pilot Ebihara Ebizo talks to a man at the airport.

PlayboyTV's Foursome (S5E5) (T.J.; 2011)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 リアリティ番組編 ("Jonouchi Yuji Reality Program Edition")
    • Jonouchi Yuji talks about himself and interacts with the other contestants of the show.

Rapture: The Pavel Dubcek Legend (JirkaK; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 金閣 バカンス編 ("Kinkaku Vacation Edition")
    • Kinkaku and two other Сzechs spend time together in a village

Hallelujah! Ron Athey: A Story of Deliverance (Ron Athey; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 乳首コリーナ キリスト教編 ("Nipple Collina Christian Edition")
    • A documentary about how Ron Athey was raised as a Pentecostal minister, and then he became a porn film director.

Indecent Radio (SethD; 2006)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 中尉編 ("Creamstew Lieutenant Ikeda")
    • Creamstew Ikeda and another man are World War II bomber pilots, and they are looking for a woman in a bar.

Unknown video with Occhan (Occhan; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: おっちゃんの日常編 ("Uncle's daily life")
    • Videotape about how Occhan grew up.

2021[edit | edit source]


Gamma Girl's KnightMare (T.J.; 2012)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 スーパーヒーロー編 ("Jonouchi Yuji Superhero Edition")
    • Jonouchi Yuji wants to help Gamma Girl defeat Scorpion, but falls into her trap.

Pale Blood (BrianM; 1990)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 須藤さん 吸血鬼映画編 ("Mr. Sudo Vampire Movie Version")
    • In this 1990s horror film, Michael Fury (George Chakiris) investigates a series of murders caused by a vampire. Brian Maxon plays a minor role.

White Trash Whore 39 (CameronS; 2007)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池田 田舎者編 ("Creamstew Ikeda Redneck Edition")
    • Cameron talks with a redneck about his stepdaughter.

Prague Buddies (JirkaK; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: キンカク・アンド・フレンズ Part 1 入部 ("Kinkaku and Friends Part 1 Iribe")
  • Japanese: キンカク・アンド・フレンズ Part 2 足損傷 ("Kinkaku and Friends Part 2 Foot injury")
  • Japanese: キンカク・アンド・フレンズ Part 3 恋 ("Kinkaku and Friends Part 3 Love")
  • Japanese: キンカク・アンド・フレンズ Part 4 スモウキングとフェンシング 終 ("Kinkaku and Friends Part 4 Smoking and Fencing End")
    • In an abandoned collective farm, not far from Prague, there still thrives a secretive and underground male athletic fraternity. Membership roles are rarely opened only to a select few who pass rigid qualifications of athletic prowess.

Hot for Teacher 8 (T.J.; 2014)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 禁煙編 ("Jonouchi Yuji Non-Smoking Edition")
    • Teacher Jonouchi discovered that his student was smoking at campus.

Kelly the Coed 12: Mommy's Little Monster (T.J.; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 ビール編 ("Jonouchi Yuji Beer Edition")
    • Jonouchi treats а girl to а beer.

Tickled, Tackled & Touched 3: Czech Mates (JirkaK, JardaK; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 金閣銀閣の日常 Part1 来客編 ("Daily life of Kinkaku Ginkaku Part1 Visitors")
  • Japanese: 金閣銀閣の日常 Part2 室内レスリング編 ("Daily life of Kinkaku Ginkaku Part2 Indoor wrestling")
  • Japanese: 金閣銀閣の日常 Part3 くすぐり編 ("Daily life of Kinkaku Ginkaku Part3 Tickling")
    • Jirka and Jarda try to attract a hot maid, who rejects them. They fight over who is more attractive before Jirka defeats Jarda - in combat and in bed.

Unknown Orlando Torres Interview film (Orlando Torres; ???)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: クソガキさん インタビュー編 ("Interview with Mr. Shitogaki")
    • Orlando tells the interviewer how old he is, where he is from, etc.

Fantasy Fight 21 (Rocky, Tom Katt; 2001)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:オナハウス店長vsセガール関根 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Onahouse Manager vs Seagal Sekine")
    • wip

Rip-N-Strip Wrestling (Collin Jennings, Rob Steele; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: チャック松本 脱衣レスリング編 ("Chuck Matsumoto Undressing Wrestling Edition")
    • wip

Prague Buddies 2: Verbotene Liebe (JirkaK; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 自転車牧師物語 Part 1 墓地と厩舎 ("Bicycle Pastor Story Part 1 Cemetery and Stables")
  • Japanese: 自転車牧師物語 Part 2 出歯亀 ("Bicycle Pastor Story Part 2 Toothed Tortoise")
  • Japanese: 自転車牧師物語 Part 3 許し ("Bicycle Pastor Story Part 3 Forgiveness")
    • wip

California Muscleboy Wrestling 2 (MarkW; 1995)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ビオの内戦♂レスリング Round 1 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Bio's Civil War ♂ Wrestling Round 1")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:ビオの内戦♂レスリング Round 2 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Bio's Civil War ♂ Wrestling Round 2")
    • wip

Solo: TJ Cummings 5 (T.J.; 2009)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 城之内悠二 既視感編 ("Jonouchi Yuji Déjà vu")
    • wip

Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 12 (Larry Janson; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:小兄貴のカードレスリング 1戦目 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Ko Aniki's Card Wrestling Round 1")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:小兄貴のカードレスリング 2戦目 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Ko Aniki's Card Wrestling Round 2")
    • wip

Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 10 (Larry Janson, Skip Roberts, Peter Ravell; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:小兄貴激闘編 1戦目 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Ko Aniki Fierce Fighting Edition 1st Round")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:小兄貴激闘編 2戦目 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Ko Aniki Fierce Fighting Edition 2nd Round")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:JFK編 1戦目 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: JFK Edition 1st Round")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:JFK編 2戦目 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: JFK Edition 2nd Round")
    • wip

Greased Lightning (DuncanM, EricE; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 鎌田吾作 自動車工場の炒飯事 ("Kamata Gosaku Fried rice at an automobile factory")
  • Japanese: 鎌田吾作 海老原海老蔵 エビとカニの禁断恋 ("Kamata Gosaku Ebihara Ebizō Forbidden love between shrimp and crab")
    • wip

Lucky Lukas: Where Dreams Come True (AlesH; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 金閣 車編 ("Kinkaku Car Edition")
    • wip

Strangers In The Forest (ErikM; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ゲイ・マカーイ ジャングルの炒飯事 ("Gay Makaay Jungle Fried Rice")
    • wip

101 Men 5 (Jarda; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 銀閣 面接編 ("Ginkaku Interview")
    • wip

101 Men 2 (JirkaK; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 金閣 面接編 ("Kinkaku Interview")
    • wip

2022[edit | edit source]


Muscle Match 3 (MarkW, Ken Daniels; 2003)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: いかりやビオランテ 拳編 Round 1 ("Ikariya Biollante Fist Edition Round 1")
  • Japanese: いかりやビオランテ 拳編 Round 2 ("Ikariya Biollante Fist Edition Round 2")
    • wip

In Style (DannyD; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ?
    • Deleted.
  • Japanese: 木吉カズヤ 火遊び編 ("Kazuya Kiyoshi Playing with Fire")
    • wip

Maxon vs. Brandon (BrianM, Doug Brandon; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:須藤さん VS 猛獣ジローラモ Round 1 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Mr. Sudo VS Girolamo Panzetta Round 1")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:須藤さん VS 猛獣ジローラモ Round 2 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Mr. Sudo VS Girolamo Panzetta Round 2")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:須藤さん VS 猛獣ジローラモ Round 3 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Mr. Sudo VS Girolamo Panzetta Round 3")
    • wip

Flex vs. Doug Brandon (Tom Flex, Doug Brandon; 1995)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:江頭 VS 猛獣ジローラモ Round 1 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Egashira VS Beast Girolamo Round 1")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:江頭 VS 猛獣ジローラモ Round 2 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Egashira VS Beast Girolamo Round 2")
  • Japanese: パンツレスリング外伝:江頭 VS 猛獣ジローラモ Round 3 ("Pants Wrestling Gaiden: Egashira VS Beast Girolamo Round 3")
    • wip

Billy Aniki Video Series[edit | edit source]

Billy Herrington's appearance in Love Connection (BH; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ガチムチ兄貴のお見合い? ("Gachimuchi Aniki Matchmaking?")
    • Billy Herrington is featured in the game show Love Connection.

Billy Herrington's appearance in Ricki Lake (BH; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: パンツレスリングの兄貴 メガネ編 ("Pants Wrestling Aniki Glasses Edition")
    • In a game in the show called Musclemen Dating Game, Billy Herrington is #3. He unanimously wins the competition. He wears sunglasses and has a lot of facial hair in this appearance.

I try to interview Yugaminee Billy Aniki (BH; 2009)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 歪みねぇビリー兄貴を取材してみた
    • The beginning of the most famous modern Billy Herrington appearances. He is interviewed by a fan who asks him some good questions about how he felt when he initially heard of the Wrestling Series and its edits.

Yugaminee Billy Aniki Message (BH; 2009)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 歪みねぇビリー兄貴のメッセージ
    • Billy Herrington says his most popular misheard lines, but also says Danny Lee's line. Saikan darashi nee na (最近だらしねぇな!), Yugami nee na (歪みねぇな), and Shinnippori (新日暮里).

Billy Herrington's Honorable Common Inaugural Address (BH; 2009)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ビリー・ヘリントン名誉コモン就任演説【字幕付き】("Billy Herrington's Honorable Common Inaugural Address (with subtitles)")
    • Billy makes a speech that parodies Barack Obama's inauguration speech and 2008 election victory speech.

Aniki's Coming! (BH, many Japanese fans, an English-to-Japanese interpreter and (bad) translator, worker at Good Smile Company; 2009)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: (生放送)兄貴来日!(2/14)ワンホビ9 昼の部 part1/2
    • Billy Herrington visits his first official live online event hosted by Niconico and garage kit maker Good Smile Company. He is there to also advertise the limited edition Billy Herrington model that would later be created in July of the same year. Billy Herrington wears a custom-made leather outfit to the fans' glee. The source of the "Aniki! Aniki!" cheer
  • Japanese: (生放送)兄貴来日!(2/14)ワンホビ9 昼の部 part2/2
    • The 2nd part of the official live online event.
  • Japanese: 【字幕つき】兄貴来日inバレンタインゲイ(ワンホビ9 ニコニコ生放送)
  • Japanese: ビリー・ヘリントン 来日イベント 1 ("Billy Herrington Japan Event 1")
  • Japanese: ビリー・ヘリントン 来日イベント 2 ("Billy Herrington Japan Event 2")
  • Japanese: ビリー・ヘリントン 来日イベント in 沖縄 (ダイジェスト) ("Billy Herrington Event in Japan in Okinawa (Digest)")
  • Japanese: ビリー・ヘリントン 歪みねぇプレミアムイベント 【本番のみ】("Billy Herrington Yugaminee Premium Event [Production Only]")

Aniki's Advent (BH, many Japanese fans; 2012)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: Aniki's Advent【NicoNico Grand Party】
    • Billy Herrington's popular event in which Billy's cheers "Yugami nee na!" He gets the opportunity to slap the butts of one of the willing Japanese fans onstage.

Billy Herrington's Life Message (BH; 2009)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【ガジェ通】ビリー・ヘリントン 独占インタビュー ("[Gagettsu] Billy Herrington Exclusive Interview")
    • Billy Herrington's message to his fans to live a happy life. It was recorded during Aniki's interview for Nico Nico upload was deleted, but it can be found on Youtube.

I try to interview Yugaminee Billy Aniki (Japanese Subtitles) (BH)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 歪みねぇビリー兄貴を取材してみた【日本語字幕】

Billy Herrington performing at the White Party (BH)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ビリー兄貴の星条旗編 ("Billy Aniki Stars and Strips Edition")
    • Billy Herrington strip dances at the White Party to Was That All It Was (Razor 'N Guido Remix).

(Super Meeting 2) Billy Aniki, Hiroyuki, and ZUN Three Shots (Yugami nee na)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【超会議2】ビリー兄貴とひろゆき、ZUN氏のスリーショット【歪みねぇな】
    • Billy Herrington (Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling), Hiroyuki Nishimura (founder of 2channel, administrator of 4chan, and former director for Nico Nico Douga) and ZUN (founder of the Touhou Project) meet at the Nico Nico Douga convention to have a drink.

(Super Meeting 2) Hiroyuki, ZUN, Billy Aniki Toast (Billy Cruise 2)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【超会議2】ひろゆき、ZUN、ビリー兄貴による乾杯【ビリークルーズ2】
    • Another video of Billy Herrington, Hiroyuki Nishimura, and ZUN. The three men have a toast.

Van-sama Video Series (2008-2017)[edit | edit source]

New Director Van Darkholme Joins the Team (VD; 2008)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【ご機嫌な】Van Darkholme【VAN様】
    • An interview with Van Darkholme in the studio that he later quit to focus on his website. The source of the phrase "Boy next door.".

Van Darkholme Halloween Hell!!! (VD; 2011)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: お化け屋敷でのVAN様 ("VAN-sama in the Haunted House")
    • Van Darkholme and a friend navigate a haunted house for Halloween.

Tober Gang Bang 1 (VD; 2009)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: TDNコスギと下僕たち
    • This is the source where Van Darkholme unlocks a big, tall wooden door with two openings by pushing on it with his hands, after unlocking it with a glowing, dull key, while 3 other men watch on.

Spanish Patient (VD; 2010)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: Dr.ヴァン診療所 Karte.1 (音修正版)
    • Translated as Dr. Van Clinic Karte 01, Van Darkholme is a doctor for a man who checks up on his body. Van Darkholme appears to be a regular doctor until he notices something particular about the man he's checking up on.

Van-sama Video Series[edit | edit source]

Van Darkholme DFA PART 1 - Introduction Speech (VD; 2019)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: Van Darkholme DFA PART 1 - Introduction Speech
    • Van Darkholme bench presses to his Chinese audience in Bilibili.

Gachimuchi Neighborhood Genre (ガチムチ界隈ジャンル)[edit | edit source]

"Jimmy"[edit | edit source]

Jimmy: Thai Artistry (Umnaj Pungthongkum ("Jimmy"); 2004)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ガチムチ兄貴 ("Gachimuchi Aniki")
    • Deleted. (2007/03/31)
  • Japanese: 【18禁】ムチムチの可愛いあの子と子作りしてみた☆ ("(18 Prohibited) I tried to make a child with a cute Muchimuchi child☆")
    • A MOSAIC.WAV MAD featuring Gachimuchi bodied men, including Marcus Haley, Kai Greene, Billy Herrington, Alexander Vishnevsky, and Umnaj Pungthongkum.
  • Japanese: ガチムチ兄貴 ("Gachimuchi Aniki")
    • "Jimmy", a Siamese, representing Asian body building, eventually squats. Leaving an iconic image behind. Performing for Muscle Zone Productions.

Jimmy: Thai Symmetry (Umnaj Pungthongkum ("Jimmy"); 2004)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ガチムチ兄貴 その2 ("Gachimuchi Aniki Part 2")
    • "Jimmy", in his first Muscle Zone Productions film ever, poses for the camera in a fantastic image.

Alexander Vishnevsky[edit | edit source]

Alexander Vishnevsky's show in the 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix (Alexander Vishnevsky; 2003)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ボディビル ロボットダンス
    • Alexander Vishnevsky, a male bodybuilder from Russia, dances like a robot to music and shows his muscles. Features Kraftwerk and Flying Steps - We Gonna Rock It (Jetset Remix).

American Gay Wrestling[edit | edit source]

Rip & Strip Wrestling 1 (Brad Michaels, Ren Adams; 1996)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: アメリカン ゲイ レスリング ("American Gay Wrestling")
  • Japanese: アメリカン ゲイ レスリング 補-1 ("American Gay Wrestling Complementary-1")
    • Two men begin to wrestle in a blue room after one pushes the other for seemingly no reason.
  • Japanese: アメリカン ゲイ レスリング 補-2 (American Gay Wrestling Complementary-2")
  • Japanese: アメリカン ゲイ レスリング 補-3 (American Gay Wrestling Complementary-3")

High Stakes Wrestling 4 (Brad Michaels, Rip Stone; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: アメリカン ゲイ レスリング2 ("American Gay Wrestling 2")
    • Two men are extremely, extremely orange. One of the actors return.

Chris Geary and Erick De Chavez's wrestling match[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【ガチホモ】アメリカンゲイレスリング ("【Gachihomo】 American Gay Wrestling")
    • Two men wrestle in red briefs.
  • Japanese: 【ガチホモ】アメリカンゲイレスリング フルver ("【Gachihomo】 American Gay Wrestling Full Version")
    • The full version

High Stakes Wrestling 3 (Brad Michaels, Brandon Reevet; 1998)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: アメリカン ゲイ レスリング4 ("American Gay Wrestling 4")
    • Brad Michaels wrestles Brandon Reevet.

Fantasy Fight 11 (Brad Michaels, Chance Caldwell; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ("Wrestling between Bodybuilders Part 1")
    • Brad Michaels wrestles Chance Caldwell in yellow and red, respectively.

Island Guardian (Brad Michaels, Trenton Comeaux; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【アメゲイ外伝】アメリカン ゲイ アイランド ("【Amegay Gaiden】 American Gay Island")
    • Brad is overlooking the beach when he spots a "downed" swimmer.

High Stakes Wrestling 17 (Ren Adams, Eric Hanson; 1997)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【アメゲイ外伝】アメリカン 白 ブリーフ レスリング【髭パンツの章 前編】 ("【Amegay Gaiden】 American White Briefs Wrestling 【Beard Pants Chapter Part 1】")
    • Ren Adams wrestles with Eric Hanson in white briefs. Part 1.
  • Japanese: 【アメゲイ外伝】アメリカン 白 ブリーフ レスリング【髭パンツの章 後編】 ("【Amegay Gaiden】 American White Briefs Wrestling 【Beard Pants Chapter Part 2】")
    • Ren Adams wrestles with Eric Hanson in white briefs. Part 2.

Luis Carlos[edit | edit source]

(Legendary Han) Aniki Part (Luis Carlos; ???)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 【伝説の漢】兄貴・その1 ~おまえのために~
    • Luis Carlos, performer for Jimmy Z Productions, poses for the camera, being ripped. Known for including "兄貴" before Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling.
  • Japanese: 【兄弟へ】兄貴・その2 ~ミラージュ(姿見)~
    • Latin performer continued.
  • Japanese: 【兄弟へ】兄貴・その3 ~おとこみち~
    • Latin performer reloaded.
  • Japanese: 【兄弟へ】兄貴・その4 ~勝負のとき~
    • Latin performer re-uploaded.

Marcus Haley[edit | edit source]

Metabo Macho (Marcus Haley; ???)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: メタボまっちょ ("Metabo Macho")
    • Marcus Haley performs live for an audience.

Kai Greene[edit | edit source]

Physique Artistry Part 1 (Kai Greene; 2006)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 覆面まっちょ ("Undercover Macho")
    • Kai Greene, a very professional bodybuilder wears a black veil covering the upper half of his face. Performing for Jimmy Z Productions.

Christian Engel[edit | edit source]

Christian Engel's Muscle Show (Christian Engel; ???)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese:
    • The Spirit of Water to famous dramatic Latin music.
  • Japanese: 水の精霊、休日編
    • Christian Engel displays his muscles in various locations, to the tune of "There Must Be An Angel" by No Angels.

Bear Series[edit | edit source]

DVD 253 (Peter Latz, Big Roger; 2008)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ハーネスのクマさん ("Harness Bear-san")
  • Japanese: ハーネスのクマさん フルver ("Harness Bear-san full ver")
    • Two men who wear leather attire while making out and smoking.

Open House (Tom Chase, Erik Korngold, The Pool Man; 2003)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 森のクマさん ("Mori no Kuma-san")
    • Two bears, hairy big men, enter a house and then undress themselves. The men are best known for peaking their heads out of the window to probably lure in The Pool Man faster. This is used several times in fan videos. This is the COLT Studio Group film.

Muchimuchi SUMO Series[edit | edit source]

Sumo Bruno (Hakan Orbeyi, Jörg Brümmer, Alexander Czerwinski, Alister Mazzotti; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 本格的 ムチムチSUMO ("Authentic Muchimuchi SUMO")
    • Dai-chan practices with Edmond-san and Arai-kun. He is instructed by Potato God? The Shimizu? to sumo wrestle Arai-kun. He also interacts with the camera and yells at it. Edmond-san then falls down with Potato God? The Shimizu? and sounds less enthusiastic about falling and makes a loud noise while doing so.
  • Japanese: 本格的 ムチムチインタビュー【エドモンドさん編】 ("Authentic Muchimuchi Interview 【Edmond-san Edition】")
    • The immediate aftermath of practicing with Dai-chan.

Lehman Brothers Bankrupt Make-Out Couple (???; 2008)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: リーマンブラザーズのクマさん ("Lehman Brothers Bear-san")
    • Two men who make out during a news report of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008.

Authentic Rabbit[edit | edit source]

Gym Bunny (Alex Kovas; 2010)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: ウサギ まとめ ("Rabbit Summary")
    • A performer disguises himself as a rabbit, lifts weights, and twitches.

Sri Lanka Aniki[edit | edit source]

Aniki's influence has spread (Sri Lanka Aniki; 2014)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 塩ランカ兄貴 ("Sri Lanka Aniki")
    • A young, but overweight man from Sri Lanka finds a picture of Billy Herrington on a coconut palm tree. The original video was on YouTube before being taken down. Re-uploaded onto Nico Nico Douga.

Catalina/Catalina Boy Band/Catalina Series/Catalina Video/Catalina Saga/Catalina Collection/Bad Gay Porn Acting (BGPA)[edit | edit source]

On October 4, 2010, ROvideos uploaded the first entry in the Bad Gay Porn Acting series to YouTube. Boy Band would become the most popular entry of this series and converted into the Steve Rambo Videos meme. The origin of Catalina comes from Catalina Video, which the films were produced by. Catalina Saga comes from a video that showcases Josh Eliot's creative directing skills. It is commonly mistaken by newer fans of Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling to be a part of GPW. However, the films Cockpit: Everybody's Going Down, Cockpit 2: Survival of the Fittest, Switchcraft, and Dirty Little Lies, would later be uploaded to Niconico. One Characters was made from these films: Okahan. Every other film featuring Steve Rambo, Brad McGuire, and Ray Harley is not a part of GPW.

Switchcraft (Anthony Stone, Chi Chi LaRue, Cassandra Knight; 1999)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 妖精王の逆襲 Part1 忍耐編 ("Fairy King's Counterattack Part 1: Endurance")
  • Japanese: 妖精王の逆襲 part2 レスリング編 ("Fairy King's Counterattack Part 2: Wrestling")
  • Japanese: 妖精王の逆襲 Part3 覚醒編 ("Fairy King's Counterattack Part 3: Awakening")
  • Japanese: 妖精王の逆襲 最終回 逆襲編 ("Fairy King's Counterattack Finale: Retaliation")

Boy Band (Steve Rambo, Brad McGuire; 2000)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 男性アイドルグループ ("Male Idol Group")
    • Art Duke trespasses into some ranchers' land, and has all sorts of misadventures with them, until he finds a member of a gay boy band.
    • This was the video that introduced the Catalina series to the Gachimuchi fandom.

Cockpit: Everybody's Going Down (Steve Rambo, Brad McGuire Erik Michaels)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 新日暮里航空 L○ST編 ("Shinnippori Airlines: LOST")
    • Several gay men board an airplane. Sometimes, it and its sequel are known as "Shinnippori Airlines".

Cockpit 2: Survival of the Fittest (Erik Michaels)[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 新日暮里航空 L○ST編 ("Shinnippori Airlines: LOST")
    • The Characters from the previous video crash into a forest, and struggle against nature and a hostile family of hillbillies to survive.

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