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Czech Tag Team 2 is an American adult film produced by Can-Am Productions on March 13, 2000[1], created and directed by Matt Thomas, produced by Ron Sexton, and was released in the same year. The film stars Jirka Kalvoda, Jarda Kolar, Tommy Cruise, Sonny Markham, and Steve Shannon.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Can-Am Productions Synopsis[edit | edit source]

You first got to meet our hunky Czech discoveries, Jirka and Jarda in Czech Tag Team 1. And your overwhelming response convinced us to put the two “wild and crazy” wrestlers in a slew of Can-Am productions. But with Emmett Andrews soundly defeated at the end of part one, many of you kept wondering when we were going to let some more U.S. wrestlers defend America’s pride. So for part two, we recruited some truly skilled athletes to take back the flag. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that all three Americans are also bodybeautiful studs! First up is the always entertaining Tommy Cruze. Formally trained in hand-to-hand combat during his military days, Cruze is a formidable opponent with a disarming charm. Jarda may not understand all the ways Cruze is verbally taunting him, but he certainly gets the body language. Ending up on his back over and over again, Jarda is simply no match for Cruze. Cruze eventually carries Jarda off to the oil pit, and after winning again decides on a blow job peace offering. Jarda understands this with no problem and the two end up in a sweaty 69. But just as Jirka left Emmett “unsatisfied” at the end of part one, Cruze lets Jarda get him off and immediately leaves. Score one for America. But the serious business comes in the second match, when we bring in bodybuilders Steve Shannon and Sonny Markham to permanently revoke Jirka and Jarda’s passports. Not that we’re anxious for Jirka and Jarda to go home, but it’s definitely time for a lesson in humility. Steve and Sonny have both wrestled extensively and dominate the mat action. A final double-sleeper is not to be missed, and leads to the last round of humiliation in oil. After making the two jerk-off, they don’t even let Jirka and Jarda shower with them. As the two slink off in shame, Steve and Sonny each enjoy a victory cum shot in the shower room. American pride is restored!

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