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The Sanshin of Kazuya (Japanese: カズヤの教え Hepburn: Kazuya no Oshie) are the spiritual pillars of Kazuya and his followers who have been fighting for a long time.

Overview (概要)


Ichi. Sukui wa nai, to iu tsurai yononaka ni taisuru shingamae

One. Preparing for the painful world of no salvation.


Ichi. Subete wa chansu, tsuneni maemuki ni nani demo chōsen suru

One. Everything is a chance, always challenge anything positive.


Ichi. Michi no eria e, mirai e no takai kokorozashi o motte

One. With a high aspiration for the future in unknown areas.


It should've never have been fought the way we wanted it to. Billy Herrington, an obstacle that must be tackled in order to reach the top of Shinnippori.

It was a few years ago at the Obi-1 Grand Prix final, held every four years, this time at Namba Parks, a place that everyone in Shinnippori longs for. The last tournament was arguably the toughest in the centuries-old history of Pants Wrestling Supreme. The match was far more deadly than anyone expected.

The way Kazuya looked for an opening in Aniki's feint is widely known as the "Kazuya dance" for its sharpness and lack of distortion. Also, Aniki's attack on Kazuya's abdomen may have taught Kazuya's lack of training, by intensively attacking Kazuya's sloppy abdominal muscles. Furthermore, in the scene where Aniki and Kazuya fight for a ten-yen coin, the utterly futile movements of both sides have been likened to a fairy dancing in the air, which has been dubbed the "Fairy Ballroom Dance".

Kazuya did everything he could but Aniki was still better than him by a notch or two. Kazuya put his hands on the ground and muttered.

"I want to be strong..."

As a result, Aniki won the fight to the death with his sperm, intending to revel in the afterglow of his victory at the bar in Shinjuku Ni-choume where he had been going for eight years. However, the man at Ona House was cold to Billy as he tried to speak of his victory while asking about how he'd been doing. He didn't respond at all to the question, "How are you doing these days?". At this point, Aniki realized that he'd be too sloppy to be ecstatic. The Mind of Tolerance, which can't be helped, is the attitude towards other people, and one must live without distortion. Aniki's constant reminder to "Live better, live without distortion" is said to have been uttered around this time.

Meanwhile, Kazuya was chased out of Shinnippori, which is tough on the losers, and decided to venture into an unknown area in Waikiki, a city where there's nowhere to be saved. Training in a city where there's no one to turn to is mentally very demanding, but Kazuya took it as an opportunity to turn it around and saw everything that happened in Waikiki as an opportunity.

By day, he earned his living by farming seaweed and at night, he bench pressed in Waikiki. He was asked many times to do interviews for TV Shinnippori, but he refused them all. However, he did appear once on Tamori Club, to which he broadcasted a much different Kazuya and became a hot topic. Yes, he was not the old "Kazuya Kiyoshi". He'd been reborn as "Super Kazuya". On the "Soramimi Hour" segment that aired the interview, he said, "If there's no salvation in this world, then I'll be the one to save it," letting the world know that he would be returning to Shinnippori, the town he had once been forced to leave.

December 31st, Poo Year's Eve. His fight wouldn't be over until he took Aniki's pants off in the Obi-1 Grand Prix final.

"This nightmare is... already over! Get the hell out of this town!"

We're still waiting for the day when we'll hear these words from Kazuya's mouth.

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