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Maxon vs. Marcus (stylized as MAXON VS MARCUS) is an American adult film produced by Can-Am Productions, created and directed by Ron Sexton, produced on October 19, 1998[2], and was released in the same year. The film stars Brian Maxon and Billy Marcus.

Soramimi[edit | edit source]

Main article: Maxon vs. Marcus: Soramimi

Maxon vs. Marcus features soramimi not found anywhere else in Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Gentlemen... for the multitudes that have purchased MUSCLE FANTASIES 1 & 2 "WORSHIP" and "WRESTLERS" (preview offered)..... introducing and starring muscle god Billy Marcus, you've instantly established him as Can-Am's latest muscle king. And if there was ever a muscle match made in heaven, it's got to be Maximum Maxon VS Musclegod Marcus. It's also West Coast Maxon VS East Coast Marcus and the bi-coastal bad mouthing never stops. Testing and sparring with each other, the musclestuds both wear second-skin tights with tops that disappear as quickly as the ball grabbing begins. Though evenly matched, Maxon punishes Marcus to a first fall submission with a prone full nelson back breaker. Second fall gear shows off Maxon's stud missile in light green bikinis, and Billy's bubble-licious butt in peach bikinis that Maxon's hand always seems to be down inside of squeezing Billy's bare balls. But bodybuilder Billy presses Maxon up across his massive shoulders and extracts a stubborn submission out of Maxon with a cross shoulder torture rack. Both aggressively naked for the third fall.... seasoned pro Maxon sadistically concentrates on Billy's gladiator chest with a brutally prolonged pex punching session that weakens Billy for a match win choking back breaker that puts him out cold. "Welcome to Maxonland" declares Brian as he flexes and victory poses over Billy. Now it's welcome to jack-off-land as both bodybeautifuls suck you into their fantasies and pump you off duo gushers that make MAXON VS MARCUS an absolute must for your collection. Can-Am's "Nothing Looks Better" motto must have been conjured with MAXON VS MARCUS in mind.

Authentic Gachimuchi Information[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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