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Maxon vs. Janson is an American adult film produced by Can-Am Productions on October 9, 1998[2], created and directed by Matthew Moore, produced by Ron Sexton, and was released in the same year. The film stars Brian Maxon and Larry Janson.

Soramimi[edit | edit source]

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Maxon vs. Janson features soramimi not found anywhere else in Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Longtime Can-Am fans will remember Canadian studboy Larry Jansen from Rodeo Wrestling 2 and Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling #10. And Boss Sexton remembered your requests to see this hunk naked, so he sent Brian Maxon up north to do the job right! Jansen is certainly a cocky Canadian calling Maxon "Yankee Boy" through the first couple of rounds. But you know Maxon is going to be King of the Ring and turn this Canadian beef into Canadian bacon! Round one features Jansen testing the waters of Maxon's strength and taking some cheap shots at his crotch. But Maxon's massive meat can handle it, and he gets Jansen in a series of relentless leg locks and foot cracking twists. Jansen gets lucky though and manages to take round one with a leg breaker. In round two, Maxon gets Jansen continually bound up in the ropes for leg kicks, nipple twists, back punches, pec punches and ab kicks. Jansen is resilient, but a good helicopter seals his fate as he tries to crawl away. Maxon grabs him by the balls until he finally submits. From there on out, Jansen is Maxon's toy, and after round three, he strips Jansen and throws him into the oil pit. Here he steps on Jansen's balls and makes him remove his boots and Maxon's. And Maxon isn't finished. Stripping off his suit, he is perpetually hard as he wipes the pit with Jansen. In submission after submission, he brutalizes the hunky Canadian, all the while beating his lead-pipe cock on Jansen's head, ass and body. Finally choke holding Jansen with his leg, so that Jansen's head is crammed into Maxon's crotch, the match is over. Maxon orders Jansen to jerk off, while he blows his own load. Alone and spent, Jansen is left to finish himself off. Talk about sexy!

Authentic Gachimuchi Information[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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