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Two can play it!

Danny Lee (Japanese: 木吉カズヤ Hepburn: Kiyoshi Kazuya) is a Canadian professional dancer, bodybuilder, and former bisexual pornographic film actor. He was born on November 8, 1968 in Toronto, Canada.

Names[edit | edit source]

Kiyoshi comes from Billy's soramimi 'Thank you, Kiyoshi-san...' from "You're not the only one with skills, son." in the film, Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3. Kazuya famously comes from Billy's soramimi 'Kazuya!' from "How's that?" and 'Kazuya-kun pattern bread?' from "How's that for power, huh?", which are both from the film, Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3.

Danny Lee used the alias James Blond when he first performed for Can-Am Productions and BG Enterprise for only 5-7 films.

Danny Lee used the alias Danny Dallas when performing for All Worlds Video and Campfire Video.

In Japanese, Danny Lee's name is transcribed as Danii Rii (ダニー・リー).

History[edit | edit source]

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Danny Lee played hockey for 18 years. He played 7 seasons in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) for five teams from 1984 to 1989, most notably for the Toronto Marlboros. Danny had a friend who was a dancer, and got him started on "amateur nights". He got hooked right away, and was only 19 years old at the time. Danny talked to his parents, they said it was okay, and it all grew from there.

After starting dancing in Toronto, he came down to Southern California to pursue his entertainment career. He was one of the members in the dancing troupe California Hardbodies. He did a Playgirl shoot in 1992 and appeared in various other magazines such as All-Man, Unzipped and Men's Workout.

He was no stranger to showing off, having modeled and danced with Chippendales. For films, Danny Lee has performed for Can-Am Productions for the films Beau Bradley Beaten Back to Back, Canadian Calenderman, Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 1, Canadian Mustlehunk Wrestling 2, and, most famously, Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3. He has also performed for Sharpshooter Studios in the film Junkyard Boyz. His other film performances were for BG Enterprise, Greenwood/Cooper Home Video, 10% Productions, and All Worlds Video in the Chi Chi LaRue directed film How the West was Hung. Danny Lee retired from his film career in 2003.

Danny's last appearance was in the film Daydream Obsession in 2003.

Role in Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling[edit | edit source]

His Characters, Kiyoshi Kazuya, is depicted in GPW videos as a secondary protagonist, or a friend of Billy Herrington. He wishes to become stronger, is always up for a challenge, thinks there is no salvation and that everything is a chance, believes in a future within an unknown area, and has boundaries for danger (according to bench pressing).

When Kiyoshi Kazuya appears, Japanese users tend to use the phrase "どうも、木吉さん・・・" which translates to "Thank you, Kiyoshi-san..." ("...only one with skills, son.") for his appearance.

For his Super Kazuya (スーパーカズヤ Sūpā Kazuya) form, he is shown to be much more stronger than seen previously in Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3 and has a serious face.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Bench pressing scene[edit | edit source]

"You got it, you got it! All the way, all the way, all the way, all the way, all the way, all the way up!" (いかん…いかん!危ない危ない危ない危ない危ない危ない… - Ikan... ikan! Abunai abunai abunai abunai abunai abunai... - It is... it is! Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous...)
"Good job!"
"What do you got for me now?"
"Let's hit the mat!"

Billy Herrington vs. Danny Lee (兄貴vsカズヤ)[edit | edit source]

"You ready to get beaten by a bitch then?"
"Ahh! I see!" (お~激しい( ^ω^) - Oh~ Hageshii - Oh~ Fierce)
"I get to tell you, you better get a little prepared for two, huh?" (悪いけど一人でゲームするならToHeart - warui kedo hitoride gēmu surunara ToHeart - I am sorry, but if you want to play a video game alone, play ToHeart.)
"You're gonna regret it, now! Better make it good!" (いや、別に好きじゃないよ!? ベリーグッド…/// - iya, betsuni suki janai yo!? berīguddo…/// - No, I do not like it!? Very good...///)
"Now we're getting warmed up!"
"You wanna go down, take it down the mat? College style?" (悪いね!ティンコダウンで ホモスタイル? - Warui ne! Tinkodaun de Homo sutairu? - I'm sorry! At Tinko Down. Homo style?)
"I'll even give you the benefit!" (ワイキキでベンチプレス! - Waikiki de benchipuresu! - Bench press in Waikiki!)
"Yeah! Ha! Ha! I knew, I knew you'd go there!" (やwっwぱwりwねwwwwww - Yawpawriwnewwwwww - I knew it! Laughable.)
"I'll stretch that chest and your arm!" (全てはチャンスやで! - Subete wa chansuya de! - All in a chance!)
  • "I'll cool. Chew it off!"
"Yeah, stretch that leg out!"
"FUGURI!" (ふぐり! - Fuguri!)
"I think you just need to loosen it up a bit."
"I'll let you down!" (出ていけぇ! - Dete ikee! - Get out!)
"AHHHHUH! AAAAAOOOHH! UHHH! HUUUHUUHH! HUUUUURAAAHHH!" (あぉあっ・・・あァおぁっ・・・/// - a o a a a o a /// - Moaning)
"Will you give? (Danny Lee) Huh? (Billy Herrington)" (どうよ?あぁん? - Douyo? Aan? - How do you think? Huh?)
"You give? I'll rip 'em apart!" (行けぇ!なんばパークス! - Ike ~e! Nanba Pākusu! - Get out! Namba Parks!)
"Give uuuuup!" - GAY♂BARRRR!!!
"Take a little souvenir of my round." (結構すぐ脱けるんだね - Kekkou sugu dakkerunda ne - You can quite quickly escape)
"So how are you feeling?" "I'm ready for more, bro!" (Billy) (最強とんがりコーン - Saikyo Tongari Corn - Strongest Tongari Corn)
"Ready to go again?" (どういう語源? - Douiu gogen? - What kind of etymology?)
"Yeah, I did."
"MORIAH!" (Danny Lee) "AAAAAAH!" (Billy Herrington)
"Huh? (Billy Herrington) Okay. (Danny Lee)" (あぁん?なんで? - Aan? Nande? - Huh? Why?)
"Hey, stay on the ground!" (未知のエリア - Michi no eria - Unknown area.)
"Oh, we can break that!"
"Scream more like that! Scream more like that!" (?) (救いはないんですか!? - Sukui hanain desu ka!? - There is no salvation!?)
"Oh, my foot!"
"See what you can do, see what you can do"
"See what you can do!"
"I thought I was just getting you excited!"
"Sissy come over here!" (?) (スケベェ… - Sukebe e... - Pervert...)
"Two can play it!" (新日暮里 - Shinnippori - Shinnippori!)
"Gonna go down! Gonna go down!"
"Two can play dirty!" (強くなりたい! - Tsuyoku naritai! - I want to become stronger!)

"Heads up! Hands up! Hands up!" (Danny Lee & Daniel Freeman) (ええぞ!ええぞ! - Eezo! Eezo! - Yeah! Yeah!)
"Come on! Stack 'em! Hands up!" (ベーコンええぞ! - Bēkon Eezo!- Bacon yeah!)
"Friends, hands up!" (いち、にー、さん! - Ichi, ni, san! - One, two, three!)
Ohohoho! Ganging up! (おっほっほっほ~元気だ(^ω^) - Ohohoho ~ genki da (^ω^) - Ohohoho, I am fine.)

Beau Bradley vs. Danny Lee (カズヤの浮気パンツレスリング)[edit | edit source]

Alright, well here's the wrestling mat. (はい、オムツですね - Hai, omutsudesu ne - Yes, it's a diaper.)
HUHHEHEHAHAHAHALA! (ぬっふっふっふっふっふっふ~( ^ω^))
I'll give you a second just to... (あげるよ咲夜さん・・・ - Ageru yo Sakuya-san... - I'll give you Sakuya...)
Get your breath. (1億円 - Ichi oku-en - 100 million yen.)
Now grab those waters! (え、帰るのもう?ワロスww - E, kaeru no mou? Warosu ww - Hey, are you going home yet?)
Well, I see you have a pretty good grip! (スイカプリン食え - Suikapurin kue - Eat watermelon pudding.)
Huh? I knew you'd feel that! (あぁ・・・アバッキオ♂ - Aa... Abakkio♂ - Yep... Abbacchio♂.)

"What was that?"
"There we go!"
"What? That's legal!"
"Yeah. I'll take one, too."

Authentic Gachimuchi Information[edit | edit source]

  • Super Kazuya Theme is called "Breakdown" by Nigel Broad and Scott Kluesner.
  • He likes Corvettes and used to have a yellow one, seen in Guys Next Door 2.
  • Danny Lee had worked out with Billy Herrington outside of filming.[2]
  • Billy Herrington did not know Danny Lee personally and only shot with him in Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3. But, he did state that Danny Lee was a nice man.[3]
  • Danny Lee is one of two main Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling Characterss to not explicitly engage in gay sex along with Mark Wolff.
  • Danny Lee made a TV appearance in the American TV sitcom Malcolm & Eddie.
  • Danny Lee admires celebrity Tom Cruise for all the work he's done, that he keeps a straight and level head and that he never got involved in drugs.[4]
  • Danny Lee worked in Japan for a while.[5]

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