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Mark Wolff: Rockhard

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Mark Wolff: Rockhard (also known as Mark Wolff: Rock Hard) is an American adult film co-produced by Can-Am Productions and Mark Wolff Productions on April 20, 1997[1], co-created and directed by Cal Richards and Mark Wolff, co-produced by Ron Sexton and Mark Wolff, and was released in the same year. The film stars only Mark Wolff.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Fantasy One[edit | edit source]

Mark Wolff is seen in a business suit where he receives a call from an unknown colleague about a video. Mark Wolff says that he'll have to postpone recording the video for tomorrow due to having a long day. The phone call ends and Mark Wolff, before leaving, puts on his glasses, leaves his office with his briefcase in hand, goes into the garage of the office building, and goes inside of his BMW. Mark Wolff drives in his BMW, parks it at his house, stops the car, and then masturbates.

Fantasy Two[edit | edit source]

Mark Wolff takes off his business clothes, puts it into his condo's laundry room, undresses himself to become nude, sits on top of the washer, eats a ripe banana, and worships his own body.

Fantasy Three[edit | edit source]

Mark Wolff puts on a black leather torso and crotch harness and handcuffs himself to an iron bed waiting for someone to straddle him. No one ever comes.

Fantasy Four[edit | edit source]

Mark Wolff showers by himself and again, worships his own body.

Fantasy Five[edit | edit source]

Finally, Mark Wolff is on his bed where he fingers and masturbates himself to several orgasms.

MarkWolf Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Rock Hard! picks up where Mark Wolff EXPOSED! left off! Witness the brute animal strength of a restrained leather-clad Mark Wolff! Worship his muscular body as he works out, oils up and poses in the gym! Secretly admire a real man as he strips off and comes clean in the laundry room. Then follow Mark Wolff into the bedroom as he takes you over the edge and leaves you breathless in the exposive climax to Mark Wolff ROCK HARD!

Can-Am Productions Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Colt model... Advocate Men coverman... muscle and fitness mags coverman... Can-Am superstar... and internationally lusted for sex icon Mark Wolff.... can be yours and "ROCKHARD" for as long as you want him. Undisputedly one of the 90's most beautiful muscle gods, Mark Wolff is to gay fantasy what Antonio Sabato is to Calvin Klein... except our Mark is better looking, more muscular, and hung like a stallion. For your most personal and private fantasies, Mark has self-produced from our Vancouver studio a hot, hard, and handsome jack-off video that you'll want buried with you. Shot in a series of "ROCKHARD" segments, the incredible Mark Wolff salaciously exhibits himself in five jack-off fantasies. Fantasy One: Suited and tied businessman Mark Wolff leaves his office, drives off in his BMW, parks and pounds his massive meat in the BMW's front seat. Fantasy Two: In his condo's laundry room, Mark strips butt naked, throws his clothes in the washer, then sits on top of the hot throbbing machine and worships his own body. Fantasy Three: In a very hot black leather torso and crotch harness, Mark is spreadeagled and handcuffed to an iron bed waiting to be climbed onto and rode hard. Fantasy Four: What tour of Mark Wolff's body would be complete without the ever popular suds, shower, and butt shots scene. Fantasy Five: Finally you get Mark into bed where he manhandles himself and one of the largest most perfect cocks on the planet to multiple orgasms . ROCKHARD is your private access to Mark Wolff when ever you want him, how ever you want him, and as many times as you want him. Breath takingly handsome, totally masculine, body-by-god fantasyman Mark Wolff is waiting to come home to you.

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