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Livebetter is a maxim that can only be conveyed by the Forest Fairy (森の妖精) who has stated the Sanshin of Fairy Philosophy.

"Yugami nee" distress (「歪みねぇ」苦悩)

Pants Wrestling, a traditional martial art with a history of 120 years, and a national sport in the West.
The Forest Fairy (森の妖精) Billy Herrington (ビリー・ヘリントン) continued to fight. Continued to strip. Without knowing the reason, he persisted in fighting without wickedness and stripping without wickedness, and has continued to win. But in the process, what does he mean when he says "Twisted?", He began to lose sight of wickedness.

Sanshin of Fairy Philosophy (妖精哲学の三信)

Billy, struggling with the philosophy behind the exit, was excited about something day and night.
Meanwhile, Billy witnesses a struggle. There are various fighters in Pants Wrestling, and they keep stripping their pants. The game that jumped into Billy's eyes was the "Ikariya Biollante vs. TDN Kosugi" game.
Billy calmly analyzes the game situation and finds out Biollante's weak point of being easy to take on provocations. In the fight against Jonouchi, Billy showed a sloppy feeling that he could strip off his pants after victory, but in the game against Biollante, he had to analyze the opponent's weak points accurately and win the victory.

I am slacking off these days...
Here, Billy later says, for the first time, it was possible to confront one of the three gods of fairy philosophy, "the heart of the commandments". In the long history of Pants Wrestling, it is said that few wrestlers have sublimated not only to "fight" but also to "Philosophy".

Billy, who escaped from suffering, did not get wicked even in the "VS Biollante" match, demonstrating his ability without any problems, winning a big difference with Biollante, stripping his pants and winning. But the current runs to Billy...!
There was a big difference that seemed impossible to reverse, and the next moment everyone in the locker seats saw the end of the game, Biollante suddenly awakened and struck a counterattack.
At first, it was a counterattack that was thought to be "Isn't he touching Billy's crotch?". It was praised.
Billy unknowingly understood one of the Sanshin of Fairy Philosophy, "The Heart of Praise that he was twisted."

The answer reached is "Live without distortion." (辿り着いた答え、それは「歪みなく生きろ」)

After finishing the match, Billy comes to Shinjukuni Chōme BAR where he can enjoy the same atmosphere as Shinnippori.
Billy is a regular who has been here for over eight years and has learned the taste of sake when he wins and the sake when he loses. In a sense, it can be said that BAR has assisted while shadowing Billy.
Victory is a sweet mistress. Billy is a gentleman who usually wins, but only tonight he is different.
The incident happened when the half-naked master was casually told, "How's it going?" (最近どうなん?). The Master did not answer Billy's question and ignored it.
Billy contains liquids that do not know whether it is soy sauce or sake and kills words. "What do you mean..." (どういうことなの…)
However, the master of Onahouse, the store manager, wasn't distorted, staring at Billy until he turned his heels deep into the counter. As if I put words in the mute...
There, Billy notices that he was arrogant after the match and was distorted by himself. I was drunk by the short-term victory, and had taken a slightly more up-close response to the face-famous manager.
"It can not be helped." (仕方ないね Shikata nai ne). That's exactly what Billy himself was arguing for, but the manager of Onahouse just insisted. I guess I could have gotten angry... I could have hit it cold. But for eight years, he looked at his brother with the strength to tolerate and tolerate sloppyness, and to look straight at him.
Aniki who touched Sanshin of Fairy Philosophy ["It can not be helped" The Heart of Tolerance] concludes, "It's important.".

Why do you keep stripping your pants...
To this question, Billy replied, "I want to see my opponent as a single person... not more or less, because he is the only person..."
Stripping your pants, de-civilizing your opponent.
In recent years, there has been a fear that the youth's moral philosophy may have declined, it may be that everyone who had a glimpse of "something" faced Aniki and not just the young people, and had to think about it.

"LiveBetter"... live without distortion.

One day, it was a habit of Billy Herrington.
There may not be a clear answer for us to live without distortion. Nevertheless, we may come to understand the message of "live without distortion" that our brother, Billy Herrington, wants to convey.
I think that is the "Philosophy" that Aniki really wants to convey.

References (参考文献)

兄貴の情熱大陸【Live Better】 - September 6, 2009
【7/14放送】 噂のあの人が遂に 「情熱大陸」 出演!!【予告CM】 - June 4, 2008

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