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House of Detention

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House of Detention is an American adult film produced by Can-Am Productions on February 15, 2000[2], co-created and co-directed by Van Darkholme and Matthew Moore, produced by Ron Sexton, and was released on December 12, 2000[3]. The film stars master Van Darkholme his slaves. Plus: Jirka Kalvoda, Jarda Kolar, Erik Michaels, Duncan Mills, and Joshua Scott.

Soramimi[edit | edit source]

Main article: House of Detention: Soramimi

House of Detention features soramimi not found anywhere else in Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling.

Story[edit | edit source]

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There is punishment waiting in every room of the House of Detention. Notorious L.A. master Van Darkholme adds three of his own personal slaves to our muscle bound cast, in five scenes of nasty torment. Scene one, Leather, features trussed up slaves in exquisite electro and sensory torture via Darkholme's nasty tool-kit. Hooded, gagged, and bound muscle boys have their clothes ripped off their bodies, before being teased to the brink of ecstacy, and then thrown in a sling for a double-fuck. The highlight of scene three, Latex, is two types of mummification. First, one of Darkholme's personal slaves is suspended, wrapped, and clothes-pinned to orgasm. Then Czech superstud Jirka is encased in a latex vacuum rack – an absolute must-see! White Jocks is a wrestling scene with a twist – the loser gets gang-banged! Water Torture features our white t-shirt and briefs wearing slaves doused with cold water and beer. Their bounds are only loosened to allow one slave to worship the feet and dick of the others. Finally, in scene five, the slaves have a surprise for their mas-ter. House of Detention delivers extreme fantasy/fetish play, body worship, foot wor-ship, toys, intricate bondage, flogging, mummification, deep blowjobs, and sling fucks – plus a gang bang wrestling scene. We challenge you to get through it one sitting!

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Authentic Gachimuchi Information[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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