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Prototype is an American adult film produced by Mark Wolff Productions on November 11, 2001, created and directed by Mark Wolff, and was released on the same date. The film stars Mark Wolff.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Promotional Material[edit | edit source]

Beautifully shot on location around the world in 12 different countries the camera follows Mark over an 18 month period on his World Dance Club Tour. The video gives a never before seen voyeuristic look at the life of the world’s most photographed physique model. Watch Mark jet into some of the world's most exotic and exciting cities, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, London, Madrid, L.A., Buenos Aries, Montevideo. The lavish Hotel Suites, the Clubs, Airports, Private Jets, in the streets and behind the scenes of his video and photo shoots. The camera takes you on a voyeuristic journey as it peeps around corners and doors to see Mark in the shower stroking off his huge 8" cock, shaving his ripped body in the bathtub. In $2000 a night hotel rooms posing, flexing and jacking off again, Mark stripping in front of 3000 crazy fans at the world famous Le-Boy club in Rio. The video shows Mark at an ultra-ripped 190 lb's up to a brutal 215 lb of rock hard muscle. See Mark jack off 2 more times lying on the bed. In all Mark shoots 5 massive cum shots. It’s a voyeuristic behind the scenes, cum shot, body worship travelogue you won’t forget. An aspiring DJ, Mark ties the video together with an incredible electronic music soundtrack.

Memes[edit | edit source]

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  • Mark Wolff dancing in his club scene. In addition, Mark Wolff's taste in electronic music throughout the entire film.

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