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Kani ni naritai (蟹になりたい) is a soramimi found in the Wrestling Series. The speaker is Gosaku.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The main meanings are speculated as follows.

1. The intention of obedience expressed by crawling on all fours.
2. The desire and longing for belonging to the great sea. (It also means that "I just want to go to the sea")
3. Reflection and shyness. Be as small as a crab.
4. Moratorium means. It is a state of mind that tries to stay for a period of fulfilling social obligations, advocated by Erik Erikson, an American thinker. The meaning comes from the fact that crabs cannot move forward.
5. The desire to be unrelated to human annoyance. (≒ "I want to be a shellfish")

Origin[edit | edit source]

Character Original line Misheard phrase Translation
Duncan Mills How do you like that? 蟹になりたい
Kani ni naritai
I want to be a crab.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A crab is an oval crustacean with two long claws, eight legs, and two tiny eyes. They tend to live in or near bodies of water.
  • Crab meat is used as an ingredient for fried rice.
  • As Billy Herrington was born in July 1969, his astrological sign is Cancer.

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