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Gregg Rockwell (Japanese: オーウェン定岡 Hepburn: Ōu~en Sadaoka) is an American former gay pornographic film actor. He was born on October 9, 1972 in the United States.

Names[edit | edit source]

Owen comes from Gregg resembling former English footballer, Michael James Owen. Sadaoka comes from Gregg resembling Japanese baseball player, Shōji Sadaoka.

He went under the alias Greg Rockwell for only 6 films.

In Japanese, Gregg Rockwell's name is transcribed as Gureggu Rokkuu~eru (グレッグ・ロックウェル).

History[edit | edit source]

Starting earlier than Steve Cassidy and Billy Herrington, Gregg performed in numerous gay pornographic films.

In 1997, Gregg began his gay porn debut.

He has performed for All Worlds Video, most notably in Playing with Fire 2, Falcon Studios, Studio 2000, BG Enterprise, Oh Man! Studios, Thrust Studios, XTC Studios, Minotaur, for Cop Out, Forum Studios, Catalina Video, Pacific Sun Entertainment, Jet Set Productions, Thor Productions, and Mustang Productions.

In 2004, Gregg Rockwell retired.

His last film appearance was Brothers Behaving Badly 2.

Role in Gachimuchi[edit | edit source]

A fair minor character who experienced more popularity with the Sadaoka Wave, an edit that uses several copies of Gregg Rockwell. His signature technique. The Sadaoka Wave can be seen when Gregg covers a small portion or a large portion of the screen while doing his shower technique.

Outside of that, Gregg is best known for his showering technique in the film Playing with Fire 2.

Gregg is used for music videos, MAD included, and fan videos as a background prop. Rarely ever being the focus of a video.

His head is used as censorship, just like Ron Athey's head.

In addition to this, after masturbating to a gay video and taking a call while on a bed in underwear, Gregg "turning off" the TV and sleeping from footage of the film Cop Out, is often seen in MAD videos. Inversely Gregg turning on the TV is also often seen in MAD videos.

Three levels of expression (表現の三段活用)[edit | edit source]

  1. Dance of Sadaoka (定岡の舞 Sadaoka no Mai), the normal one seen from footage of the film, Playing with Fire 2.
  2. Sadaoka Wave (定岡ウェーブ Sadaoka U~ēbu), as mentioned earlier, he is pasted closely by a big group of small Gregg Rockwells.
  3. Ocean Sadaoka (オーシャン定岡 Ōshan Sadaoka), the evolved form of the Sadaoka Wave. Was seen in a video to humorous effect.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Cop Out[edit | edit source]

  • "Tommy is that you?"
  • "Tommy! Don't joke around! This is serious!"
  • "We can't let this guy get away with it!"
  • "No Mom, I'm fine."
  • "Just had a really bad day at work."
  • "No, I'm not sick. I just wanna lay here and go to sleep."
  • "I promise I'll come by next week and have dinner."
  • "I love you too. Bye."
  • "Hey is Tommy there? No? Nah, it's just an old friend of his."
  • "No, there's no message. Thanks."

Playing with Fire 2[edit | edit source]

  • "It's him, chief. He does the same thing every time. Gas can, lighters, and shoots his wad all over it."
  • "Your captain's a bigot."
  • "Got you, chief."
  • "Man! Why'd you do that for?"

Authentic Gachimuchi Information[edit | edit source]

  • Appears in a banner on 4chan. The only overseas addition in modern times.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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