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Older Women, Younger Men 5

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Older Women, Younger Men 5 is an American adult film produced by Coast to Coast on March 25, 2000, created and directed by Steve Drake, and was released on November 13, 2000. The film stars T.J. Cummings and Linda Ross.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

High mileage misses just love fresh male meat! They like them hung and full of cum! College guys and neighborhood boys learn to become better lovers, drink from older women's fountain of exotic & erotic experiences!

Scene 4[edit | edit source]

T.J. Cummings talks to the viewer about a female maid who comes in once a week to clean up his house. T.J. Cummings admits to have watched her. During the scene, Linda Ross, the plump maid in question, seduces T.J. Cummings into having sex with her.

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