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Fantasies of a Pig Bottom

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Fantasies of a Pig Bottom is an American adult film co-produced by Atron Productions and IMD, created and directed by Mike Ryan, produced by Beau Boudreau, and was released on October 1999. The film stars Steve Cassidy, Doug Jeffries, Blake Harper, Peter Wilder, and Eric Evans.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Promotional Material[edit | edit source]

The view is hot from the bottom!

Steve Cassidy's scene[edit | edit source]

Doug Jeffries' finger plugs right into a hairy butt tossed in a sling, belonging to dark swarthy Steve Cassidy. Lazing comfortably in the sling, Steve prods Doug into a fingering exercise. Two fingers slip in after mere seconds as Steve jiggles his body around them. There is fun to be had when they use the motion of the sling to work Steve's ass on and off Doug's waiting fingers. Of course, by this point, it's three fingers doing the work, and on both hands. Doug brings his cock around and stands over Steve so the latter can chew on his balls. After he has wet them appropriately, Doug sits squat on his face and has Steve rim him noisily and lustily. As Doug bounces eagerly on Steve's face, the camera has a blast trying to find the best camera angles to shoot it. The men use their mouths to get a string of anal beads nice and wet before Doug shoves the whole group right up Steve's waiting ass. Making him hold them for a while, Steve's ass is able to unleash them with frightening fury when it's time. After the workout, it's finally time for Doug to fuck Steve. He has no problem getting in, and topping pro that he is, Doug does a fine job, again using the sling to push Steve on and off his dick. Steve growls and goads Doug on, but he needs no further inspiration than the hot ass to keep going. Steve cums being fucked and then Doug has a splashier shot.

Soramimi/Fantasies of a Pig Bottom

Authentic Gachimuchi Information[edit | edit source]

  • The copy introducing Fantasies of a Pig Bottom to Gachimuchi was uploaded to Nico Nico Douga on January 29, 2011. It was originally known as "ごっついゲイポルノをBGMで誤魔化してみた" (Gottsui Geiporuno o BGM De Gomakashite Mita, "I tried to play misleading BGM with gay porn").
  • This is Steve Cassidy's very first gay pornographic film and appearance in media.

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