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Lose the Meaning of Life

Huh? I can't hear ya anymore! Huh? What's the matter?

Mark Wolff.

Lose the meaning of life (or "I'll lose... my meaning of life..!"; Japanese: 生きる意味を失う Hepburn: Ikiruimi o ushinau) is the philosophical mishearing that Ikariya Biollante states in "Pants Wrestling Side Story: Fierce Battle Edition" at 5 minutes and 12 seconds.

Interpretation[edit | edit source]

This is one of the most philosophical statements in the Pants Wrestling Series.

What is the "meaning of life"? Who has lost it?

There are many interpretations of this, but we will try to present the answer in the form of one suggestion.

English philosopher Thomas Hobbes once described the natural state of humanity as "The war of all against all". In other words, we as humans have an infinite desire for self-preservation and therefore try to be superior to others. We are all in a constant state of universal struggle.

This is where Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling appears as one of the models of Hobbes' alleged "war of all against all". In the next moment, the "war" between Biollante and Hiroshi Nobara takes an unexpected turn when the ugly human beings who are always fighting and hating each other are shown in full detail by comparing them to the technique of wrestling.

In other words, this is where Biollante transcends Hiroshi Nobara through violence and ends the state of struggle against him. With the disappearance of the state of struggle, which is the essence of human nature, Biollante elevates to a higher level as a transcendent human being, the "God of the Locker Room". On the other hand, Hiroshi Nobara faints due to the pressure on his carotid artery, and "uninstalls" the infinite human desire for self-preservation. Although violent, Hiroshi Nobara no longer exists as a human being, nor as an organism, by losing the fighting conditions which had to be continued to satisfy the essential self-interest of man. In other words, he lost the meaning of living: "war".

At first glance, this seemingly mean-spirited attempt to compare humanity's state of struggle to the phenomenon of Pants Wrestling, and to depict it in an ugly light, can be seen as a powerful caricature of humanity, which does't try to transcend this state of struggle, but instead instinctively fights and hates each other like animals, shedding blood.

Another interpretation is that it may be an expletive to oneself.

After defeating TDN Kosugi, Biollante caught a glimpse at the the top of the Pants Wrestling World.

However, at the top, there was an end in sight: Aniki.

No matter how hard he tried to climb to the top, it was impossible for him to do it--

He was supposed to be the winner at that moment, but he suddenly became too anxious.

Is what I once thought really true?

Is this what Pants Wrestling is all about, this kind of victory you'll get now?

He lost the meaning of living as the pants wrestler he once was, Biollante.


Let's start from scratch again. Let's find value in each and every encounter as a wrestler.

Maybe that's what he thought.

Perhaps the answer to the interpretation is hidden in the true intent of Biollante's final Fairy Takeout to Hiroshi.

The Remaining Mystery[edit | edit source]

Before this Pants Wrestling gold standard of philosophical wisdom, Biollante had a few remarks to make about tsundere.

He says: "Tsundere, right?", "(You've got some nerve) I'm a tsundere", and "Double Tsundere".

What did he really mean by this?

In general, the character of Iori Minase, from The Idolmaster, is considered to be the one he's referring to.

It's no secret that Biollante has already been infected with Kugimiya Disease, as he has often said "Kugyuuuuuuuuuu", which proves his knowledge of Idolmaster, but why would Biollante, who is considered to be one of Yukipo's most ardent fans, or even in a special relationship with her, dare to mention her?

One thing we can think of is that Yukipo aka Yukiho Hagiwara is the most petulant (i.e. good-for-nothing character) in Idolmaster. On the contrary, Iori Minase is a tsundere character with good nerve, the exact opposite of Yukipo, as mentioned earlier from the mishearings.

Perhaps Biollante's self-reflection is that "I'm so bad at it that I made a Double Yukipo" is a "Double Yukipo!" (and that is why, for Bio, Yukipo is a special person who doesn't feel like a stranger), a declaration of determination to grow from there is, in other words, a "Double Tsundere".

It's not to breakup with Yukipo, but rather it's a decision in Biollante's own way to protect her, which in Kazuya's words is the same as "I want to be strong...".

Origin[edit | edit source]

Character Original line Misheard phrase Translation
Mark Wolff Huh? I can't hear ya anymore! Huh? What's the matter? 生きる意味を。。。失う
Ikiruimi o... ushinau
I'll lose... my meaning of life..!

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