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A Wank in the Woods

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A Wank in the Woods is a Czech adult film produced by the late William Higgans, created and directed by William Higgans, and was released on April 2003. The film includes Jirka Kalvoda and Jarda.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Jirka Kalvoda and his fellow European friends get on the bus. One of the passengers brings out his guitar to play on the bus trip and to the destination. Another passenger brings a Golden Retriever puppy for the Europeans to pay attention to. After getting off of their bus, a European sees the Golden Retriever puppy only looking around on the floor of the bus. Jirka Kalvoda and his friends go deeper into the woods and settle down. The guitarist still plays on while the men set up a grill. The Golden Retriever puppy was recovered from the bus unharmed.

geviVOD Synopsis[edit | edit source]

For years I've yearned to film a nude football (soccer) match. My inbox is often flooded with similar requests by viewers. Happily, last summer the weather cooperated and our athletic models got together for and filmed a glorious naked match under the warm sunshine. The guys looked fabulous in their nakedness kicking the football around, with nothing to hide, and bonding together. As the Athens games had just concluded, we also staged nude races, just like they did in Ancient Greece. Afterwards, the guys enjoyed cooking their lunch over the campfire, followed by a leisurely wank and more. At the end of a perfect day, our ensemble forded a small stream for the bus-ride back to Prague.

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